new series – that’s what’s up

I’ve been pondering creating a series called “That’s What’s Up” which encompasses a wide variety of things that I encounter in my day to day existence that make me stop and go “Damn, that’s what’s up!” Ideas such as recyclables, biodegradability, sustainability, moving away from animal testing and byproducts, and just bettering the planet and humanity overall, etc.

Typically, from my observations of other bloggers that I follow, I would assume this series to be akin to a “My Favorite Things” type of post, but because I’m that person who has to make up my own category for something that’s basically the same as what everyone else is already doing, this is my altered version. Additionally, this series is coming from a very genuine perspective. I currently have relatively minimal followers and am not having any type of kick back from companies or brand deals of any type, so the things I share will be completely from a place of “Oh, I found out about this because I already buy this or noticed it on my own” (whatever “on my own” means in this algorithm curated future-esque world we live in today.)

My first few additions to my “that’s what’s up” series will most likely be items that have been gifted to me, as Christmas just happened for me so I’m slowly but surely making my way through all my thoughtful gifts from family and realizing they know me better than I know myself sometimes. That being said, some of these things might be a little more “spendy” than other future items on this list. (As frugal as I try to be, I also appreciate an investment item or 20…) So I apologize in advance if this is out of anyone’s price range. Hopefully me sharing these items will help you to also appreciate the investment that some of these items are. Not just for yourself, but in the ways that they give back.

So without further ado, I look forward to sharing the little bits of goodness I find along my way and I hope that you enjoy them too. Feedback and other ideas to include in this series are more than welcome!


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