philosophy purity peel – that’s what’s up

First on this list is the exfoliating purity peel from philosophy. This brand has been a long time family favorite as it has not only helped my glorious grandmother age gracefully, but has also helped my sister during her struggle with acne. To my knowledge, none of us have ever had adverse reactions to their products and, if anything, we become more and more addicted to the simplicity and beauty they bring to us with just our simple cleansing and beauty rituals.

That being said, I noticed something beautiful in a different way on the packaging of my new facial peel. Atop the box, something caught my eye that made my heart so happy. “1% of all philosophy USA net product sales supports community-based mental health efforts.” How wonderful is that?!


As someone who as been a perpetual client of community-based mental health efforts, my heart felt so full it could almost burst. One of those moments where, when I’m cynical and thinking to myself how superficial things like beauty products or skincare are, brands like philosophy pull this out of their back pocket. A moment where I set myself into a deep pondering state where I realize that, oh boy-here it comes, some brands are proving me and my cynical self wrong.

I am one of the 1 in 5 women with mental health issues that they talked so beautifully about on their webpage, which I will include here for your enjoyment:

philosophy | hope & grace

For those of you looking for my honest review of the product itself – it’s pretty magical so far. I’m the worst on judging beauty products the first time I use them… I hate when a product takes more than one use to show me what it does and this particular product does not disappoint. I can tell that after using it a few more times I will love the effect it has on my skin. I have a slight obsession with removing impossible blackheads, to the point that I’ve just accepted there may be no product that will ever meet my impossibly high standards for full blackhead removal. (Looking at you, disappointing charcoal masks and nose strips that always miss some blackheads!) Well, here we go – two times in one post – they’re on their way to proving me wrong again. Checking out my skin this morning I was like “wait…. where did the blackheads on my cheeks go though…?” And, to be honest, I don’t even think I put the mask on totally correct either. Again, I’m lazy and impatient and hard to please. Essentially the type of person who has critiques about everything and the only thing I can come up with for this product is that I want it to just magically do it’s job without me having to put it on my face. (I’m not joking on how lazy I am.) Other than that unrealistic request, I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and anyone I hear utter the word “blackhead” because even if the price point isn’t Dollar Store status, the investment in blackhead removal an community mental health is more than worth the little bit of extra money it costs compared to other run-of-the-mill exfoliating peels.



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