siggi’s icelandic skyr – that’s what’s up

So, anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with all things Iceland. To put it simply, my heart and soul belongs to Iceland. I don’t care if my obsession is borderline unhealthy because, no it’s not. No one can convince me otherwise.

That being said, my adoration of anything connected to Iceland in any way is very easy to see through. Call it bias, if you must. I’m sitting over here believing that my highest calling is to one day live in Iceland and join the majesty that is the fire and ice island of my heart, so I really don’t see anything biased about that.

After my beloved husband took me on my dream vacation to the motherland, my condition got worse. To the point that I’m now surrounding myself with all things Iceland, and honestly you guys, it’s like the best obsession I’ve ever had. (Anyone with obsessive tendencies like myself can understand how rare a positive obsession is.) I’ve printed pictures from our trip, have our shot glass with the Icelandic flag and a little rock we snagged from a black sand beach prominently displayed in our home (please don’t tell Iceland, I don’t want them to hate me and not let me come back), and I’ve now continued my Iceland obsession to include foods.

Cue: Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr.


Now I’m not going to sugar coat it, especially because Siggi’s sure doesn’t, but this is definitely different than other sugar-filled yogurts I’m used to. In a good way. As in, I’m pretty sure this is what yogurt is supposed to be in the first place. Simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar. As an overly-sugar-fed American, I’ve begun my own realization that there’s simply way too much sugar in way too many things that don’t need it. It’s hard to adjust my sweet tooth palate after being fed around 20-30 mg of sugar in other brands of yogurt, but I’m here to tell you that Siggi’s makes the adjustment much easier. I implore you to try it for yourself because my post wasn’t intended to be an overall food review. The coolest part is not only that it’s delicious and better for you than other brands of dairy-based foods, but they include all sorts of information about their practices and ingredients and, best of all, instructions on how to recycle the entire container!

I know that might sound silly. “Oh wow, look someone printed instructions on how to recycle” because, duh, recycling is almost common knowledge now. Fun fact though, it requires a teeny tiny bit of mindfulness to be completely effective and *drumroll* Siggi’s makes it so much easier!!

I won’t go into the detailed logistics of what happens at recycling facilities (because I’ve not yet been to one and don’t know first hand) but I do know that when you break things down it makes their jobs much easier to properly recycle things. It takes us what, like 10-20 extra seconds to do something simple that betters the planet. Don’t tell me you don’t have time for it in your extra busy life, I know you’ve checked your Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook/Twitter for more time during the day than it takes to remove the sleeve off a yogurt cup so just try it before you decide you don’t have time for it.

Printed inside the sleeve is some information about Siggi, why he decided to make his own yogurt and some simple facts about the process for making skyr and his aversion to ever using aspartame. Something we have in common!

Anyone interested in branching out with their yogurt options and finding things that are more sustainably and ethically sourced should give Siggi’s a try. You might be a little surprised at the difference at first, but I think you’ll grow to find that you can taste and feel the difference between the sugar-filled yogurts from mainstream manufacturers who don’t put their heart and soul into their work like Siggi does.

That’s What’s Up is a series here that encompasses a wide variety of things I encounter in my day to day existence which make me stop and go “Damn, that’s what’s up!” Ideas such as recyclables, biodegradability, sustainability, moving away from animal testing and by-products, and just bettering the planet and humanity overall, etc. I look forward to sharing the little bits of goodness I find along my way and I hope that you enjoy them too. Feedback, critiques, and other ideas to include in this series are more than welcome!


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