cora tampons – that’s what’s up

So I guess I’m going there: menstrually related content.

I’m honestly a little more surprised that it took me this long to get to this point. I tend to comfortably exist in that tiny space in the center of the Venn diagram of uncomfortable topics and womanhood. So this topic was almost inevitable. Let’s jump into it!

I’ve been dealing with “being a woman” for the better part of my human existence and only recently did I have the moment where I sat there looking at a box of tampons and questioned what’s in it. And just like that, it seemed like the universe was ready to answer because within the next few days there were videos about the number of chemicals in tampons ready for me to view on my Facebook timeline. (It’s times like these where I’m like, “Okay, Big Brother, I appreciate you being on my side today.”)

I won’t go into the numbers and all the politics of chemicals in tampons, but my big take away is that I don’t need chemicals in my precious lady parts. No thank you! So I decided to check out Amazon’s selection of organic cotton tampons. I tried a few different brands for the first few cycles and finally settled on a brand that not only improved my menstrual experience but also makes my heart and soul feel better.


Well, not only do organic cotton tampons seem to overall feel much more comfortable than my traditional chemical-laden tampons (as in, I don’t feel them at all) but it also felt like it was absorbing much nicer and I wasn’t going through them as quickly as regular tampons. *Raises eyebrows at chemicals in traditional tampons*

My heart and soul though? Something different completely.

Cora tampons empower women. 

I don’t just mean me and how they help me be a little less irritated when my time of the month rolls around. I mean, they truly globally empower women. Here’s the deal: every monthly supply that you purchase, they give pads to a girl in need. How wonderful is that?!

I’m not sure about you, but when I “became a woman” I was pretty young. I was blessed to have a mother who talked to me about getting my period before I ever experienced one and once I finally did, she had all the supplies and knowledge to help me know what to do, how to do it, and how to carry on living my life and going to school. Unfortunately, not all young women are given that opportunity. There are women around the globe who, by no choice of their own, are forced to stay home from school or work on a regular basis because they can’t afford the luxuries of feminine hygiene products. That realization never even crossed my mind until I came across this company.

Check out more about their cause by going to this link: Our Cause – Cora.

Changing to organic tampons was completely a decision I made for myself. But stumbling across this beautiful company was little more than fate. There are so many times where I am faced with the burden of feeling responsible, in a way, for the state of the world and trying to focus on ways that I can improve even just one person’s experience on this planet, especially the experience of other women. Finding Cora tampons has helped me to not only improve my own life experience but also be able to participate in a global movement of empowering women by changing almost nothing about my day to day life. You guys, I get to directly help other women by buying a different brand of tampons. That’s it!

If you’re a menstruating woman like myself, I implore you to check out Cora. They have a gorgeous website full of information on what they do and how they do it. It’s SO much more than what I talked about in this post, so it’s worth checking out if you’re at all interested in how they are different than the brands we are all so used to. Seriously though, check out all the information they have about traditional tampon companies. If you can’t get behind helping other women in this world, it’s worth being educated on the tampon industry at the very least!

As a card-carrying feminist, I think it’s time we all take a look at the regular day to day choices we make and how we spend our money. It’s companies like Cora that will be the true creators of a better tomorrow for not only our own generation but for generations to come. We can help young women stay in school and more fully become who they are meant to be by changing one simple habit in our own lives. Be conscious consumers and spend your money where you know it will count!

I’ve changed my tampons buying habits, anyone else willing to join me?

That’s What’s Up is a series here that encompasses a wide variety of things I encounter in my day to day existence which make me stop and go “Damn, that’s what’s up!” Ideas such as recyclables, biodegradability, sustainability, moving away from animal testing and by-products, and just bettering the planet and humanity overall, etc. I look forward to sharing the little bits of goodness I find along my way and I hope that you enjoy them too. Feedback, critiques, and other ideas to include in this series are more than welcome!


2 comments on “cora tampons – that’s what’s up”
  1. alexxis392 says:

    I’ve always been curious about what’s in tampons as well! I have the IUD to lessen my period symptoms, so I unfortunately can’t buy these on the regular! But I will buy them for my back up supply. Funny, I’ve always wondered about why there was so many chemicals, but never thought about there being organic options. What a great thought, Jordan! I’m so glad you thought of it and helped me out too! Haha you found them on Amazon you said?


    1. Yes ma’am, I seldom make purchases not on amazon these days, it’s a problem! 🤦🏼‍♀️ This brand also has tampons for “light” period days too which are always good to have for backups. 😉 You know me, always trying to spread the word on all the new shit I find in the world. One tampon and yogurt brand at a time 😂😘

      Liked by 1 person

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