gallery wall – project

A project brought to you by the willpower of my mother to help me turn our first house into a home.

I love to decorate and be creative with spaces just as much as everyone else in this Pinterest-inspired world these days, but I have to be honest. When we bought our first house I became so overwhelmed with the amount of space available and new rooms to decorate! While we lived in our apartment, I was dying for more space and rooms to put furniture and decorations. Once we finally moved in and furniture made its way into each room, a lot of my decorative flair flew out the window. Unpacking, placing, sorting, organizing everything, and buying the necessities became my focus that I ended up completely forgetting about decorating our new spaces!

Cue my mom.

She recently moved into a super cute condo and had the same opportunity to reorder and redecorate spaces and I guess the interior decorator inside her just needed more space to express herself!

Here’s my mom’s wall in her home:


Adorable, right?

So naturally, she helped me with our gallery wall in our front entry room and I have the photos to prove it!

Here is what we started with for our front room gallery wall:

She helped me arrange that first wall as well when we moved in and I was still in the zone of decorating.

Here are some pictures of our process for the newest update to the gallery wall. We got a little help from our furry friends, Koji and Carter.

And after a few hours, my mom created a masterpiece. We included not only photo frames we already had, but some random decor pieces that were originally meant for walls, broken frames, old antique-ish frames, and some updated pictures.

Needless to say, my mom worked some magic in our house and everyone who comes over to visit loves the new layout and pictures included.

Let me know what you think! Anyone else have a gallery wall or decor area in their house they are especially proud of? Is there anything you would do differently or different materials you would include?

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  1. Ooooo, I love, love, love it!! I like the little gold accent theme you got going on! If that’s what you were trying to accomplish, haha. Either way- it’s adorable! 🙂


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