In the spirit of Women’s History Month, I thought it might be nice to get some of my woman-related thoughts and opinions out into the world. Of course, not saying I don’t put it out there every other day of the year, but this month feels particularly special since it’s been said 2018 is also the Year of the Woman. So let’s talk about the spirit of feminine relationships!

When you think of a sisterhood I’m sure you create a mental library of all the girls you know in sororities or recall images of wedding parties with bridesmaids lined up side by side. Sisterhood is seemingly all around. But for those of us who didn’t take the more “traditional” path toward higher education and experience the opportunity to join sororities or those of us who haven’t been a part of a wedding party or even those of us who just don’t have sisters in our families, the description of sisterhood can prove to be somewhat of a challenge to understand when we look upon our own experiences, or lack thereof, for an accurate description.

I consider myself to be a sort of expert on the topic of sisterhood. Unfortunately, I have not had the beautiful sorority experience to call upon, but I am lucky enough to have every other type of sister imaginable: a biological sister, a half-sister, a stepsister, and a sister-in-law. I’m pretty abundantly blessed in the sister department if I do say so myself. Having as much experience as I do in the realm of sisterhood, I have come to find that the bonds of sisterhood are so beautiful and complex and even, dare I say, sacred, that I think the readers of my little blog deserve an explainer course on why I think more of us should embrace the deep bonds of sisterhood with more than just other females.

Yep, I think people like James Charles are onto something beautiful with their sisterhoods. In recent times, I’ve noticed the use of “sister” or “sis” starting to take over for “dude” or “guys” in some areas. Now don’t get me wrong. I will more than likely forever use the words “dude” and “guys”, but I’m definitely in love with this new femininely inspired verbiage coming into everyday use.

I am someone who, when greeted with good news by my husband will tell him, “YAS! Omg, get it guuurl!” and he also uses female pronouns and words for more things every day. It’s not so much to do with male/female connotation but, similarly to “dude”, it’s an exclamation connected with what I would consider to be feminine energy.  And yes, for those of you who don’t know, feminine energy is in us ALL, regardless of genitals or sexual identity. Which provides even more reason we should all start using it more often. Its kind of like Maui says to Moana, “Both. All. Not a guy/girl thing. Maui is a hero to all.” Sisterhood is a concept for us all!

The bonds of sisterhood are strong and deep. In my experience, sisters can be some of the most lovingly supportive people you will ever have by your side, but they can also sometimes be harsh and critical. For example, my own sister Brooklyn is the first person to celebrate my accomplishments no matter how big or small. At the same time, she’s also the first person to call me out or give it to me straight. Even if she knows we will disagree about something, she makes her views known loud and clear and respects when I have a different outlook on things. We share ideas and opinions while also allowing each other to fully be their own person.

Growing up was similar in that we were each other’s best friends and worst enemies. One minute we would be playing in our imaginary worlds peacefully, the next we would be crying and pulling each other’s hair while screaming for parental intervention. Honestly, now that we live together again in our twenties, it’s not much different than it used to be. (Besides that now when I scream for mom or dad no one comes around the corner to keep the peace. Someone, please send help.) We are still each other’s number one confidant and, less often, we can still create a pretty decent verbal brawl between the two of us. We’ve gotten a lot better at conflict management, I think. (Still, please send help. She started taking kickboxing classes and I’m afraid.)

In the years of adulthood (whatever that means) that I have experienced, I have begun to reflect and look upon the depth of relationships I have with others – male, female, and everything in between. Such depth allows for so much more than someone to lean on during rough times or someone being honest with you about a new outfit you’re trying on. The depth of expressing feminine energy in relationships is what allows for me to cry my frustrations to my husband and for his response of being able to comfort and assure me in a feminine way that complements and accentuates his own feminine and masculine energies. Feminine energy is not relegated for only women to experience or some sort of exclusive club for only women. Feminine energy, or sisterhood, is something that I think will only continue to be further socially accepted and understood as a deep binding and balancing force that allows us all to unite, join together, and find connectedness in our shared humanity.

Sisterhoods may be emotional, challenging, and sometimes difficult. But the benefits of sisterhoods far outweigh any downsides. Sisterhoods are, in my humble opinion, what has truly allowed for the world to go around. My best friends in life have always been more like sisters than anything else. They are there to love and support you, give you a heartfelt talk with genuine advice when you need it, and let you in on life’s little secrets so you don’t feel so alone with all the ups and downs of human existence. Sisterhoods rock and I think we should all try our best to join one or create one with the people in our lives if we haven’t already. Sisterhoods allow for us to fully express ourselves and take a break from the masculine energy of “go-go-go” that we continually surround ourselves with. Feminine energy is a chance for us to create, express, feel and just be.

Take some time this week to look deep within yourself and your own life and find ways to accentuate your own feminine energy and sisterhoods. I think if you allow for it, sisterhoods will offer you a whole new world of expression and connectedness that we can all use right now. Take my word for it, sis. It’s worth a try.

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