Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites is a new series on this blog that may or may not continue past the month of October but for now, I am planning on keeping it just for this month.

The title does a pretty good job of explaining what it is – me, writing about my favorite things on a Friday. Pretty self-explanatory. However, I want to go over all the things in the previous week or so that have been my favorite. For example, I know on other blogs that have a more narrowed niche (I’m like the marketing/business nightmare without a niche, I know) they do their favorite products they use for makeup or clothing or things like that. This isn’t to say that I won’t be talking about what makeup product or outfit staple I’m obsessed with that week, but I also want to tell you about the other things I’m interested in. What snacks I had a few too many of or what show I’m binging or book I’m reading.

My goal is to share the things like I would with my close friends. And since I know a few of them read this, hopefully, it will provide a little more Jordan recommendations for you on a regular basis. Because we all know how much I love to talk about the things I’ve been into lately.

My hope is that each week I’ll have somewhere between 5-10 things to share, but we will see how this goes.

First Friday Favorites:

  1. Voss water bottle
  2. Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul Series on YouTube
  3. Brandi TV on YouTube
  4. Yogi Tea – Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy
  5. Maniac on Netflix


Voss Water Bottle  – So a few weeks ago I purchased a Voss sparkling water for the first time. I’ve only recently joined the league of the hydrated and realized that yes, I will pay more for fancy water that tastes significantly better than tap water. Since my purchase, and because the water bottle is glass, I have been using it as my stand-in daily water bottle because somehow I always lose my nice reusable water bottles. Kind of like socks in the dryer… they all must be in the same place partying together or something. Anyway, with my personal current focus on reusing and reducing the number of plastics I purchase and recycle (which is still a lot) my new glass Voss water bottle fits in perfectly. If you haven’t tried it I would say it’s worth the extra price because you not only get great tasting water, but you’re buying a new daily water bottle for as long as you want until you recycle it.

Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul Series on YouTube –  So this is where I have to admit that I watch possibly an embarrassing amount of YouTube. I don’t care though, so don’t come for me. I’m young and hip and staying relevant to the next generation that all want to grow up to be YouTubers. Which I don’t judge too much because same. Anyway, for anyone who doesn’t know, Shane Dawson is a long time YouTuber similar to Jenna Marbles and I know we all know who that is. He has been really changing the game of what’s going on over on YouTube and has been doing documentary style videos for the past year or so. Well, his most current series has focused on another big-time YouTuber named Jake Paul. I’m so fascinated with the series and everything that he’s addressing in his videos, I think that anyone who’s not watching it should give it a try. He’s covered a very fascinating topic of potential personality disorders among YouTubers, and specifically Jake, and it’s amazing. Check it out if any of that internet celebrity related business sounds interesting to you. His channel will be linked here.

Brandi TV on YouTube – Again, I watch too much YouTube. BUT if you’re someone who’s offended by marijuana or edibles, just skip over this addition to my list. For the rest of my 420 friendly friends, you need to watch this girl’s channel. She is absolutely hilarious and creative and sweet. In the last two weeks, she’s had a HUGE growth on her number of subscribers to her channel. As in she went from like 60k to over 200k in two weeks. Her channel mostly comprises of her eating edibles and doing “makeup looks” but I don’t even want to call it that because it’s so much better than a basic makeup channel on YouTube. She does Halloween type makeup where she paints her whole face and has a certain theme or idea in mind and honestly, this has been my daily motivation for laughter lately. She’s amazing and if you’re interested in checking her out, I will link her channel here.

Yogi Tea Perfect Energy – I have been obsessed with Yogi Tea for the past few months since I’ve switched my caffeine source from Coca-Cola to coffee to herbal teas. Typically my all time favorite of their teas is the Positive Energy tea that tastes like an orange creamsicle but the past week I’ve been drinking the Perfect Energy tea and I have to say it’s pretty great, especially if you like raspberry. Sometimes caffeinated teas can be a little too strong for me, as a fruit flavor preferring person, so finding these teas has been very helpful for my caffeine needs.

Maniac on Netflix – I shared a photo of this show on my Instagram story a few weeks ago after I finished binge-watching this show and I immediately re-watched it with my husband the following week because I loved it SO MUCH! It’s a little confusing to piece together if you go in expecting things to be linear and one dimensional. If you go in knowing that this show is a little all over the place and kind of a mind fuck, then I genuinely think you’ll enjoy it. There were so many important themes that struck so close to home for me – people with mental illness, soulmates, challenging family relationships, experiencing alternate realities, spirituality, and most importantly acceptance – I just can’t stop thinking about it. I’m in love with the characters which have very well written female characters. I related to so much of what the characters were going through and had a hard time not feeling like the show may have been written and created for weird, psychological, philosophical people just like me. Give it a watch and tell me what you think! I’d love to go into analysis with anyone about that show!


That’s all I have for this Friday Favorites post, so I hope you enjoyed reading about what I’ve been into this past week. I look forward to what exciting things I’ll do this upcoming week and what I’ll be sharing with you next Friday.

Until then!

xo – Jo


3 comments on “Friday Favorites”
  1. HalfOfAWhole says:

    I’ve been looking into ways I can get some caffeine into my system without the harshness and over stimulation of coffee and I’ve run into a lot of suggestions on tea. Maybe I will go pickup this Yogi tea and give it a try.

    BTW I’m a die hard YouTube watcher too. I’m not sure what you’re into but I love It’s Ari Fitz and Foxyhotmess.

    Great post!! I can’t wait to see what’s on next Friday’s list.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg I will have to give those channels a watch! I’m always up for more YouTube suggestions! 😉
    And if you’re looking for a less harsh caffeine I think you’ll love switching to teas! It was hard at first but I’m so glad I’ve made the switch. I can tell a night and day difference now and I’m not at all as jittery as I used to be when I drank coffee.


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