Last 90 Days

The last three months of the year always seem to go by in such a blur for me. There’s so many family events, birthdays, celebrations, and holidays that come up between work and school that there seems to be such little time allowed to focus on doing the things I care for. Well, this year I’ve decided to put a little more focus and intention into these last three months and see what I can accomplish!

The amazing and wonderful Rachel Hollis shared that she does something with her followers called the “Last 90 Days” where you set your new year’s resolutions early and instead of starting the new year with a few extra pounds and an attitude of “Well I’ll eat this and drink this because it’s the holiday season”, you start the new year off with a bang.

This is something that I’ve honestly been trying to work on all year long. Being a healthy and happier version of myself. For the most part, I’ve done really well. I’ve eliminated Coca-Cola from my daily diet (but I do still have a Coke from time to time) and moved toward more whole, natural products in many facets of my life. However, after a very rough month of September, I’ve realized that some of my healthy eating and exercise habits have been eliminated.

Coming across the Last 90 Days challenge for me is a great way to bring back some of the momenta that I have been lacking in this past month. So here are a few of the things I will be working on:

  • Meditate more regularly.
  • Put clothes away after wearing them, not on the floor or next to my bed.
  • Drink more water… (The actual daily amount needed)
  • Writing daily, whether that be on my blog or in my journal, or both.
  • Walk Koji 5 days a week

Is there anything you want to be working on for the last 90 days of the year? If you’ve joined the movement late, don’t worry! The Last 80 or 70 or 60 Days sounds just as catchy and you should still give it a try!

Last year I personally took the month of December as my month to start my new year’s resolutions early and it was one of the best choices I’m glad I made. I already had a strong month under my belt for the beginning of 2018 and it made sticking to my goals so much easier. I’ve actually managed to stick with all the goals I set for myself but one. (Drinking water is so unnecessarily hard for me!)

Let me know if you’ll be joining me on the last 90 days, or however many days are left in the year when you read this post! I’m excited to see the progress I will make and excited to see who joins me! Let’s end 2018 with a strong note and let 2019 know who’s boss! πŸ˜‰


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