Friday Favorites – # 3

Hello and welcome to the third edition of my Friday Favorites!

This week was not my best week blogging. I fell off the Blogtober bandwagon for a few days and missed two blog posts. Hopefully, no one noticed, but I have a feeling some of you might have! Instead of going back and writing posts for the two days I missed, I’m just going to move forward and accept 28/31 days of Blogtober as a success. I honestly thought I would have given up by now because honestly, daily blog posting is a lot more work than I anticipated. However, I’m really glad that I’ve stuck with it. Even though I missed two days, this is something I think I would consider doing again, with a little more planning, and actually gave me the momentum I think I needed to get into the habit of regular posting on this blog. Friday Favorites is fun for me to do so without more analytical blab, let’s get into it!

Friday Favorites #3:

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush
  2. Apple Everything – Apple cake, apple cider, apple candles, etc.
  3. The Haunting of Hill Mansion
  4. Reading witchy books
  5. The completion of Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul series on YouTube


Bamboo Toothbrush –  A few weeks ago, I purchased bamboo toothbrushes for my family as a part of the efforts toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle and consumption habits. As I’ve mentioned over and over again, I’m really trying to be more conscious of the number of plastics we consume as a family and see what areas I can reduce, change, and eliminate.

Apple Everything – Apple cake, apple cider, apple candles, apple butter, apple anything. Pumpkin flavor lovers, don’t come for me. Apple is the superior fall flavor. Pumpkin is fine, but I prefer my pumpkin flavors a little later in the fall season, closer to winter. Apple is completely where it’s at. There’s a small local farm here in Vancouver right near our house that has a small pumpkin patch and they have the most magical apple cider ever. It tastes like it was made by tiny perfect apple fairies. If you have a local farm anywhere near you, which chances are you do, after you pick up your pumpkins for Halloween, see if there’s some apple cider available!

The Haunting of Hill House We are only two episodes in, but so far it’s piqued my interest. I read an article earlier this week about how it’s so scary people are “passing out and throwing up” which normally doesn’t sound like my favorite activity, but I’ve been wanting to get back into my love/hate relationship with scary movies. I used to spend nearly every weekend in later elementary school and middle school watching scary movies at my best friends house and we would stay up super late talking about how scared we were of a murder coming to get us. It’s a weird version of nostalgia, but it warms my heart still to be scared out of my mind. Plus, it’s the perfect time of the year to get wrapped up in a spooky story!

Reading witchy books –  During this time of year, and this personal season of my life, I’m getting in touch with my inner witch. I don’t really care what anyone says about it. I’ve started a book that I should have a review up for in the next few days that has a collection of stories about witches and different chapters of their lives of witchcraft and magical existence. I’ve always been so inspired and drawn to anything having to do with magic and folklore, transitioning my life toward a focus on witches and related topics feels very natural and educational. Plus, my inner feminist is happy to hear tales of women that would otherwise be cast out and said to be “evil” and things like that. I’m ready to reclaim the innate power of women and this is my first small step. Plus, like I mentioned, I love getting into spooky stories this time of the year.

Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul ending –  I mentioned this series on my first Friday Favorites post and this past week the 8 part series finally came to an end. As an avid YouTube fan, this series was interesting to me. At first, I was beyond annoyed of Jake Paul and his brother Logan who are like the annoying frat boys of YouTube. Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of entertaining guys like that. However, after watching Shane’s series that dove into Jake’s very public teenage years and all the drama that was included between friends and even his family, I have a change perspective. No, I don’t think I will be joining the “Jake Paulers” and subscribing to his channels or watching his videos. But over the course of the series, Shane was able to flesh out a humble humanity that exists in Jake and his life story that hasn’t been so publicly told. My heart really felt for the kid. I can’t imagine going through the challenges of being 17-22 years old with millions of dollars and millions of people watching every single thing that happened in my life. Every mistake you make being broadcast for the world and always having people judge your choices with no real mentors or guidance surrounding him in order to learn what lines to cross and where to show restraint. I really felt for him, even though I still find his previous videos annoying. I hope this series allows Jake an opportunity to break free from his past mistakes and roadblocks and allows him to have a more positive influence on his young viewers.


That’s it for this week! This upcoming week on the blog is looking to be a little more Halloween focused. I’m hoping to actually break out the Halloween decorations from the basement and get them up because somehow I have yet to do that! My youngest sister has a birthday coming up this week and we have a lot of exciting things to look forward to for the last two weeks of October!

xo – Jo

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