Friday Favorites – #4

Welcome to my weekly ritual of listing the things I enjoyed this past week. This past week has been a huge blur for me. I started a new job and have been watching tons of training videos and so have put a lot of things I otherwise would enjoy on the backburner. Also, I ran out of my favorite tea that I drink on a daily basis, so this week has just been rough all around for me. Other than that, here’s what I enjoyed!

Friday Favorites #4:

  1. Celery Juice
  2. Reading witch books
  3. Dry shampoo
  4. “Watching” the World Series
  5. Black Leggings


Celery Juice – Drinking celery juice was something I was doing daily the month prior to getting pregnant and, unfortunately, after having a miscarriage it was something I stopped doing. Well, I’ve taken my time to mourn and have gotten back to putting my health and wellness as a focal point of my life. Celery juice was something that sparked my interest a few months ago when I came across the Medical Medium and his body of work focused on helping people make holistic life changes starting with their diets and focusing on food as medicine. His biggest call to action is for everyone to drink celery juice daily. For me, I wanted to focus on hormonal balance and detoxing my body in our efforts to conceive. However, even if you’re not looking to conceive, drinking celery juice has innumerable benefits for everyone. If it’s something that might interest you on your own health quest, I suggest you check it out!

Reading witch books –  I mentioned this one last week too, but I’m really getting into the witchy vibes this time of year. Outside of the fact of accepting my own true witchy nature (more on that later), I’ve really loved getting back into spooky stories now that my anxiety is back under control. Let’s just say that anxiety and being afraid of everything that goes bump in the night don’t mix well, so I’m glad to be back to my scary-loving nature!

Dry Shampoo –  I go through phases where I try not to wash my hair as often in order to avoid as much damage as possible. That, and sometimes I just really don’t want to wash my hair every day. Sometimes it’s just a huge commitment, even though my hair is shorter now. Needless to say, Dove’s dry shampoo is my personal favorite affordable option and is my saving grace.

“Watching” the World Series –  How I managed to accidentally marry into a Boston Red Sox family as a Yankees fan is beyond me. I fell in love before I realized what I had gotten myself into I guess. Which means, unfortunately, I’ve been forced into “watching” the Red Sox work their way through yet another World Series. As a Yankees fan I realize I have no right to complain, but here I am. I normally play games on my phone or read a book while my husband screams at the tv in the background, but I’m glad baseball season is almost over.

Black Leggings – I mentioned before that I moved into “sock season” already this year but now I have officially moved into Black Leggings season as well. This is the time of year where I basically wear black leggings every day, with every outfit possible. Doesn’t matter the event or situation, I will find a way to make black leggings work. I also don’t care how “basic” it is to wear black leggings 24/7, get back to me once you’ve found something more interchangeable and comfortable.


That’s all I have for you this week. I look forward to this next week being a little lighter as far as work training and allowing me my usual time of self-indulgence. Until then, Enjoy your weeks!

xo – Jo

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