Blogtober 2018 Recap

So it’s now November and I have finished my Blogtober experience.

Unfortunately, I did not post a blog entry every day of the month like the challenge called for. (Life happens, what can I say?)

However, I was able to give myself the swift kick in the pants I think I needed to get back into blogging regularly again.

Somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that posing incessantly on this blog is unnecessary because no one really reads it anyway. Despite what my stats may show, my fears and anxieties tell me that no one relates to what I’m writing and the audience I’m hoping for doesn’t exist, so I should just stop trying. I’ve allowed my trepidation to prevent me from doing something I love – writing, rambling, and sharing experiences with others.

Blogtober gave me the opportunity to push myself into a regular writing schedule and even though I didn’t make it the whole month and there are still some blog posts that I’m hesitant to push “publish” on, my love for writing and blogging has been rekindled.

I guess I should say my motivation has been rekindled. The love I have for writing and creating has remained constant, but my fear of judgment and ridicule prevented me from publicly expressing my love.

Well, I’m done letting fears and anxieties rule so many aspects of my life. Plus, I really don’t care if someone wants to pass judgments and make fun of me for my blog and what I choose to share in my blog posts. If they do, then they clearly don’t know me at all anyway.

Blogging has been a way for me to share my ideas and experiences in a way that I can’t seem to do on Facebook and Instagram. My soul yearned for an outlet where I could ramble and rant about whatever I needed to further process and I’ve created that platform here on my blog.

Most days I feel blessed beyond measure that even one person looks at the contents on these pages.

All in all, I think I would do Blogtober again or another type of writing challenge and will more than likely continue to do them in the future. I love being able to explore my own creativity in different ways and writing challenges seem to be a perfect opportunity for me to do that.

I look forward to seeing what shape my blog and posts take in the month to come and am interested to see what other bloggers I can cross paths with and connect with to fuel me even more.

A big thank you to everyone who continues to visit my little corner of the internet and read my ramblings. I appreciate you all so much.

xo – Jordan

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