Screen Time iPhone Feature

Admittedly, I spend far too much time on my phone.

Try as I might to be mindful, I’m consistently sucked in to watching YouTube videos, Instagram story updates, and checking all my feeds far more often than I realized.

iPhone recently released a feature called “Screen Time” where you can monitor, and put restrictions on, your time spent sucked into these tiny little computers.

So I am implementing some limits on my social media usage.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but since I have a very flexible work schedule I’m able to spend an ungodly amount of time with technology. To add to the problem, I’m alone 90% of my time anyway and use things like YouTube videos for background noise to forget the fact that I’m alone so much. (Sounds a lot more depressing than it actually is, I swear!)

I’m addicted to technology, but in today’s world, that type of addiction isn’t treated the same as other addictions. It’s socially acceptable to be addicted to technology. We actually need it for many of aspects of life now.

However, I want to be mindful of my phone usage.

In social settings, I tend to be very aware of my phone usage and for the most part, I do a good job of being present with the people around me.

However, since my social connections have dwindled and I’m dealing with more alone time, I need something that holds me accountable.

I’m excited about the opportunity that these features present and look forward to what I find. I plan to spend about one to two weeks adjusting my screen time usage with the new features and seeing the impact on my life.

Stay tuned for that update!


  1. I love that feature too! It’s very interesting to see how much screen time we actually end up using when we’re by ourselves for a day, compared to when were busy! I can’t wait to read about any impacts it’s made with you! Also, you should check was Austyn’s is if you haven’t. I checked Nick’s and about died when I saw it was only ever a max of 2 hrs. Talk about goals lol

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    1. Omg Austyns is probably a little higher than that because he does use his phone for a lot of work communication, but it’s definitely less than me. I’m always reading something or checking directions or recipes or anything on my phone, it’s insane! I know it wasn’t always this way! I’m excited to see how it goes!


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