Tell People You Love Them

Doesn’t it just feel good when someone tells you they love you?

Not the “I love you” we say out of obligation at the end of a phone call or conversation, but the “I love you” we randomly receive throughout our lives with others. I know, personally, I love being adored by another person.

Call it what you will and blame it on what you choose (I am a Leo sun sign so yeah, I love being adored) but it’s something I have been able to learn about myself and accept. I enjoy being loved by those around me. This isn’t to say I don’t love myself, because I do. But as humans we all enjoy being loved by the people we choose to surround ourselves with. It’s encoded in us as humans, a true part of the human experience.

However; how often do we romanticize how special it is to be appreciated but seldom think about what it takes to appreciative of another person?

I recently saw a meme that said: “I appreciate texts saying someone was thinking about me.” Which made me wonder…

How often do we fill those shoes?

Are we more or less just waiting for someone else to be and do everything for us without realizing that we could do that for someone else? It costs nothing to be kind, to send a simple text or to do something even slightly out of the norm for someone we care about.

I know I’m guilty of this, more often than I care to recognize I’m sure.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own world of worries – bills to pay, meals to plan, laundry to wash, an entire life to manage. It’s all-encompassing and can easily distract us from remembering to take the time out of our own day to tell someone we care about them. That we appreciate their existence in our lives. It’s simple and sweet and imparts a significantly positive impact.

What would the world look like if we all took a moment just to do one small kind thing for another person?

I know that we were all taught kindness in elementary school. Sometimes, I’m convinced the lessons we were taught earlier in our educations are the lessons that we should have continued to learn.

Like how to help people through challenging times in their life, or what it means to be a good friend and partner to the people in our life. The kinds of things that truly matter in the grand scheme of life and our existence here on this earth.

I mean, is it really the worst thing in the world to be kind to those around us?

I keep a box of old birthday cards with personal messages written in them and occasionally read through them when I’m having a hard time loving myself. It reminds me of the value others have seen in me and, a lot of times, I do place my self-love and self-worth in the hands of other people outside myself. I see the love and vocalization of that love from others as my guiding light to know I am showing the best version of myself to those around me.

As I continue to work through my own self-love and acceptance journey, I am also working on the journey of loving others as much as I love myself. On a personal level, I have not always taken the time to vocalize my own feelings of love and gratitude for those around me and it’s something that I recognize needs a little improvement.

In working through that and incorporating aspects of love and kindness into my daily routine, I have been trying to think about what I can do to change my actions to reflect my gratitude.

This morning I texted my sister and husband how much I love them and told them to kick today’s ass. A few days ago I texted my dad to let him know how much I appreciate him. I reached out to a friend from high school to let him know how much his friendship meant to me as well.

There was nothing exceptional about these messages I sent. I didn’t randomly run into these people and they didn’t recently die. There was no external prompt for me to be drawn to appreciating them in my life. But I did listen to my thoughts.

Whenever I am sending my love through my words, I tend to get a nudge in my mind about the person.

Sometimes it will be a memory or a story that makes me laugh that pops into my head without rhyme or reason. Instead of writing it off, I’ve taken it as my personal cue to check in on that person and tell them how much I appreciate them.

If these past few years of personal growth have taught me anything, it’s that none of us fully knows how long we have on this earth with the ones we love. We never know which moment will be our last to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and how deeply their presence has made a difference in our life.

Why wait for a funeral or a life-threatening illness to show the love we all deserve to show one another every day?

I’m not calling for an all-out hippie love fest (although I’m not opposing one either). What I am saying is that whenever you get that little nudge to tell someone you appreciate them or even just connect with that person, do it. Listen to your thoughts and feelings. That person could be at a point where they really need the reminder and you truly never know the impact that your own love and appreciation can have on another person.

So my challenge to you is to act on one thought today. Just one. Maybe it’s as simple as telling your dog how much you love them. Great! Tell them. Challenge yourself to vocalize the love you have for the things and people around you and watch what happens. You never know, you could be on the receiving end of that love before you know it and I promise you this, it feels good to be reminded how loved and adored you are.


One comment on “Tell People You Love Them”
  1. Brenda Smith says:

    This really hit home, more than you know. Thanks for being there for me, and being protective, loving, and compassionate when I needed you the most! I love you!😇


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