Get Ready For Your Mind To Be Challenged – Spiritual Conversations

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I talk about spirituality on this blog. Essentially everything I posted for a few months revolved around it and the truths I’ve discovered through my developing relationship with it.

Which is why I find it important for me to add myself to the ongoing conversations. The spiritual community seems to be expanding and in an effort to keep truth in the conversation, I feel it my duty to share more of the truths I’ve discovered, and not just the ones about myself.

If this topic is not for you, no problem! There’s a lot of other material on this blog that has only sprinklings of spiritual content matter that I think you will enjoy. As I’ve said many times, spirituality is not for everyone and I don’t ever want to come across as someone who pushes my beliefs on others and thinks myself to be the End-All-Be-All in any category. All my posts are ongoing conversations and I hope that by opening myself up to this space, I will welcome in some people who are searching for the types of insight they are not getting elsewhere.

This series/blog topic is inspired by Staff Carrier Woman on YouTube. More than likely, I will continue to credit her in the majority of my posts because her videos will serve as a jumping off point for most of my discussion. There are many things that she and I agree on and there are many that we disagree on as well. She has been crucial to the development of my own belief system and I want to give credit to her, and anyone else who inspires me, as much as possible.

She’s talked about her messages, her ACTUAL awakening process, and problems with New Age belief systems, etc.

I think it’s important that I also share some of the processes of my “awakening”, even though I don’t really want to use that word because it feels trendy. I have an innate disgust response to anything trendy for one reason or another, even when it’s something I end up loving. Must be my little snowflake desire to be unique. Who knows, who cares.

My awakening process and the continued awakening processes I go through have been the hardest things I have ever had to do. I don’t think this path is for everyone and I don’t say that in an elitist kind of way. I think most people can awaken without needing to go through the things I’ve been through. And I genuinely believe most people should and will regardless of their spiritual or religious background and opinions.

There are a lot of topics that are being obsessed about in the spiritual/new age community and I think it’s time that we put an end to some of the obsession. I’m a philosopher by nature and I think the sudden uptick in these types of conversations is so wonderful!

However, I also think there are a lot of fakes out there trying to make money from people who are going through some really challenging times in life. I think the market for spirituality is huge and is being taken advantage of by a lot more people than many are aware of. Be careful folks, anytime people are charging money for something, you have to be cautious. Money can bring out the darkest qualities in all of us, sometimes without us knowing. I know I’ve fallen victim to its effect on more than one occasion and anyone running a business that profits on people’s challenges, desires, hopes, and dreams are prime for exploitation.

Additionally, I think it’s important that I provide some definitions (at least ones that I’ve been able to deduce) for anyone starting their spiritual journey. Having gone to Catholic school for 15 years I can remember the amount of study that went into understanding the ins and outs of the religion. (There are bible verses and prayers that will never leave my mind.) When I came upon spirituality and new age beliefs there was SO much information that I became immediately overwhelmed and felt like everywhere I turned lacked a proper guidance system to tell me what any of this meant. (At least until I realized the best guidance system was inside myself.)

I feel called to provide definitions to the best of my ability for anyone who may come across this site during their journey. I will always try my best to give as much information as possible and point you in the directions I went as well as other available routes to create your own definitions for things. I am also brave enough to admit when I am not well versed on something. Again, I value the truth above all and I need to be big enough to admit when I don’t know enough about certain topics. I will also do my best to explain why I don’t have more information on a topic – ie. because it doesn’t interest me, or because I think it’s fundamentally flawed, or I’ve never come across it before, etc.

An important note I want to be sure to include is that I am not attempting to develop myself as a psychic who wants you to pay money for my gifts or information. More than likely, I will not be offering paid services or products for you to buy in the near future. However, part of my gift does include being of service to others and the Spirits that guide me. If they tell me that I must do something, I have to do it. I have learned the hard way what happens when I disobey Spirits and refuse their guidance and sorry if that makes me sound like a servant to something crazy, but I am. (Kind of like Christian people and their devotion to the word of God…) My goal as of this posting is to empower anyone interested to develop their own relationship with their spiritual guidance system. Even if we aren’t “spiritual” people, we are all guided by our thoughts and feelings. We all have a guidance system regardless of what you prefer to call it. So far though, my understanding of my gift is that as long as I pass along the messages Spirit sends, I won’t be needing to quit my day job and offer Tarot readings full time.

Lastly, I will also try really really hard not to disrespect your faith. I believe that we are entitled to believe whatever we want, as long as it’s not hurting anyone. But I will discuss the flaws I have found for myself. When/if I highlight something negative it’s because it does not work for me or resonate with my life path. I am not The Master Of All Faiths and what works for someone else is fine for them! There are still a lot of things that I care about in regards to the Catholic faith I was raised in and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.

Are there any spiritual topics that you have been curious about or can’t find enough information on? Or maybe too much information on? I have quite a few ideas lined up but obviously, since I am but a humble servant, I want to know how I can actually directly help the people who follow my blog. If you are afraid to post your name in the comments below, please post anonymously. I will still respond as best I can even if I don’t know you. Sometimes my writing can seem impersonal, but through this series I hope to lift back the veil of secrecy that lies around all I have been able to experience in terms of spirituality and I want to help hold the hand of anyone curious about this path.

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