Kin Euphorics – That’s What’s Up

I recently shared a blog article detailing my decision to quit drinking alcohol, but I forgot to mention that I am remaining open to the evolution of utilizing different substances for social gatherings.

A few weeks ago, I came across an article talking about a non-alcoholic option for people who still want to have an enjoyable experience, but not consume alcohol. Almost as if this product had been made just for me. I stumbled across this article when I knew I had given up alcohol but hadn’t made the proclamation to quit so I was curious to see what the Universe was bringing my way.

Kin Euphorics describes itself as, “a first-of-its-kind beverage made from nourishing nootropics, balancing adaptogens, and replenishing botanics that opens the mind, calms the body, and connects the spirit.”

So if you’re someone who’s never heard those terms before, you’re probably thinking, “Wait, what?” I had only ever tried a few adaptogens and nootropics in my life before that moment and I was still caught wondering the same thing. I encourage anyone interested to do their own research into the matter, but as someone who was previously pharmaceutically medicated for ADHD, adaptogens had made their way into my awareness a few years ago when I wanted to try options that felt less like being put on pills that controlled more of my bodily functions than I wanted. I was experiencing negative side effects and wanted something that would provide the same calm, focused clarity that I received from pharmaceutical medications without the anxiety, loss of appetite, interrupted sleep schedule, etc.

Nootropics, as a whole, “are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.” If you’re familiar with what having ADHD is like, these are all things that can be challenging to have total control over in any given setting, but they are also common for many people without ADHD to experience. Hence why nootropics are something fairly easy to get your hands on. They’re not regulated as they’re mostly a variety of vitamins or chemicals we have pretty regular access to. Something like caffeine or ginseng would fall into this category.

Adaptogens, overall, are more herbal/plant based and are more focused on keeping your body in a state of homeostasis or balance. This is where the majority of my personal interest lies these days as I firmly believe this planet came equipped with all the plants and medicines we could possibly need for every problem we can create as humans. For example, a tea I drink almost daily actually has a very useful adaptogen in it and I did not consciously purchase it knowing it was in there. Adaptogens have been used for a very long time to help restore our body’s natural ability to be balanced when things like stress knock us a little off.

The reason I think it important to provide these definitions to my readers is so that you are able to see, in detail, what makes this “euphoric” experience a different one than what you might envision when you think of the word “euphoria.”

For me, euphoria is not a scene from a movie where everyone is in a sweaty underground dance club, taking drugs and seeing all the pretty colors. That’s something different. Euphoria is that amazing feeling you have when everything in life seems to just go your way. That feeling of walking into a surprise birthday party with all your friends and family waiting for you, or finding out the best news you’ve ever heard. Euphoria is a very natural human experience and one that I believe to be at the root of our goals when we are becoming intoxicated in the first place.

For example, anytime I’ve gone out drinking it’s to loosen up and have some fun with my friends. To bring on a state of euphoria with the assistance of a beverage. If you’re not doing that, then maybe it’s time to have a little self-talk about why it is you’re drinking. (PSA- I don’t believe in casting shame on anyone with different intoxication goals than me, but if you are someone who is ready to take the step away from alcohol, I encourage you to consider the fact that there are other options with less negative side effects now.)

As far as my review of the product, I’ve saved that part for last.

Kin overall provides the perfect light feeling without being too intense. As someone who easily and quickly feels the effect of any substance (also read as: a lightweight) it was easy for me to notice something with the first glass I had. My husband and I both drank it so we could compare what we thought of the effects and flavor, since we tend to have different experiences. For me, the flavor of Kin on it’s own was interesting and not something I would expect myself to guzzle down. My husband described the flavor as earthy, a little bit flowery, but overall not bad. We decided to mix it with a creme flavored Zevia and it became quite heavenly. On the card that came with the beverage, there was a recipe for a “Kin & Tonic” which I think would be great, but we used what we had on hand.

The effects of Kin are similar to what I experience with Cold Brew or really high amounts of caffeine, but without the jitters. The few times I’ve drank it since then have been when I had family over as well as once alone. The effects were similar all three times in that I felt more calm and in tune with myself than I did before consuming. There wasn’t a huge night and day difference, but the effects were subtle and enjoyable. Much like the feeling of a natural euphoria that takes over your whole body in this warm embrace as you glide through your life experiences. Nothing overly intense, but a noticeable before and after difference. Similar to being tipsy, but I felt much more in control. When the husband and I took it, we felt motivated to hang up a few pictures in the house that had been laying against a wall and we both laughed and enjoyed playing some video games together as well. It’s a fun sort of beverage that left me feeling more myself than alcohol does and much more in control of my thoughts, words, and actions. Like the advertising says, connected to spirit.

The first night I did have 3 glasses to measure the duration of the effects and I don’t think I would personally drink 3 glasses again. Kin recommends no more than 4 glasses in a 24 hour span. Since then, I have had 1-2 glasses, dependent upon the activity, and that is a range I am more personally comfortable with. For me, 3 glasses felt like too much caffeine late in the day. It kept me up later than I wanted, but was not to the point of reminding me of previous stimulant medications I had taken. Long story short, it was a manageable experience but one that I will not be repeating. However, if you are someone wanting to stay up later into the evening than I was, say like between midnight – 1 AM, this drink allows you to make it there comfortably and without any negative side effect. Like I said before, very similar to a cup of coffee or tea later in the day and for me, very preferable to the feelings I have compared to drinking and staying up that late.

Overall, Kin is something that I would LOVE to pay money for at a bar, and even leave my house for. This first time trying it, I was unfortunately unable to leave my house and socialize more in order to fully enjoy it, but I can see this product being one that I would gladly purchase at bars or events where I am socially consuming a beverage. My hope is that in the near future, products like Kin are more easily available at bars or events where consuming alcohol seems to be the industry standard. I experienced no hangover, no regretful physical or mental experiences, and I felt in control of myself which I can’t say about myself after drinking the same amount of alcohol.

Is Kin something you would consider purchasing or trying? Why or why not?

Have you considered any other adaptogens or nootropics in your diet and how they might be beneficial for the variety of situations we find ourselves in today?

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