Empaths & Intuitives – Which One Are You?

Empath, Psychic, Intuitive, Channeler, Medium, Healer, Witch, Sorceress, Priestess, Priest, Volva, Shaman, Teacher, Student, Ascended Master, Messenger, Starseed, Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child, the list goes on.

The fun part about all these titles is that most are available to anyone and everyone. You can be one title for a period of time and then realize you’re actually more of something else. Most of these titles are not permanent and are often fixed to where we are in life and what we are able to accept about ourselves. There is no hierarchy or order to who has more or less power than others. We literally all have the same powers, but these titles help us define the ways in which we choose to use our powers. If anyone out there tries to convince you they are like “so important” in the spirit realm, well la dee da, so are all of us. Some of us are better able to integrate our powers into this physical realm, but the access to that power is equal among us all. No type of person or belief system has more access than others. Some have more clearly defined understandings of the unseen powers of the Universe, but they aren’t better than anyone else. So if you came here to find out how different you are than everyone else, it’s time to reflect and do a little soul searching. Everyone has these abilities, YOU are just someone who is now able to see and recognize them when you weren’t before. And that right there, that’s what sets you apart.

What follows will be a list of the definitions I have been able to develop through my own research and study, as well as any channeled information that comes through me while I write. (Not sure if I’ve mentioned that’s my gift enough times or not…)

Let’s all start with the biggest umbrella terms I can think of, and carve our way out from there. Today I will only be talking about two terms at a time, to save myself from writing a novel instead of a blog post. If you’re actively following this series, please have patience as I release the upcoming titles and labels in upcoming posts.


Empathy is a common human condition where we are able to understand the situation of another person and consider their perspective, most of the time this includes being able to understand the other person’s feelings. Being an empath is a big part of what makes us sentient beings. A fair majority of animals have it, including humans. Has your dog or cat ever known when you were sick? That’s empathy. We are all able to access the feelings of those around us, and some of us are able to deeply understand them. Others of us might have a more surface level understanding of what that person is going through, without needing to cry when they cry or laugh when they laugh, but it is empathy nonetheless.

From my observations, “Empath” is a title that has been used as a gateway for people within the spiritual New Age community to rope followers in. I don’t mean in a malicious way, but the term has been used very heavy handedly in the early stages of people establishing themselves as “spiritual leaders” on either Instagram or YouTube. Now that I have a more full understanding of empathy and what makes an empath, I try to steer away from these people as they are using general terms that occur for all humans and I believe they promote an unhealthy belief system and require a bit more self discovery. But that is my opinion.

For me, being able to describe someone as an empath is an honor, but it is also one of the easiest steps we take in our spiritual journey. Being able to admit to ourselves and others that we can understand each other’s emotions allows us to have more meaningful conversations about the events that happen in our lives and process them more fully in order to avoid toxic situations and trauma in the long run. Being able to talk to one another about our feelings, and be understood, is a fundamental human experience and one that I believe many of us are avoiding in the midst of spiritual social media. I will not be including a list of “10 Ways to Know You’re an Empath” because that’s just click bait and using the internet to keep people in a loop of confusion. Google them yourself and see if it resonates. The key aspect includes being able to tap into emotions that do not belong to you. That’s it. If you recognize you have it, awesome, if it’s something you wish to develop more of, you can! This gift is available to anyone, even if some people have to work harder than others to develop it.


This is another title that I believe to be a very large umbrella term in helping us have a big picture idea of the variety of gifts available to us as the human species. The idea of intuition is deserving of at least a article of its own, maybe even an entire book, but I am still currently working on my relationship with my intuition and the ability to follow it more fully, so I will not speak on that aspect just yet.

What I will talk about is how we can all be intuitive, should we so choose and acknowledge it. Being intuitive implies being able to listen to our intuition, or our internal guidance system. Intuition is slightly different from instinct because it is always the right choice. For example, instinct might tell you to stay inside when it’s cold outside, but your intuition would tell you to bring some gloves and a hat, because it knows you’re going outside anyway. Sometimes the messages from our intuition can seem unclear, but being able to follow that instruction, in any capacity, is what makes you Intuitive. Being intuitive is very similar to being empathic, but intuitive is a term that emcompasses more than just someone else’s feelings. “Intuitive” begins to bring the ambiguous word “energy” into the equation of what you’re able to pick up on, which is wide reaching and vague, at best.

For example, sometimes my intuition tells me to look someone in the eyes and tell them to have a nice day. Other times my intuition brings my attention to an upcoming hazard on the road where I wasn’t looking. I don’t choose when the intuition kicks in, and I don’t choose what the message is, but I am urged to follow it regardless of how small or how large the task might seem. Being intuitive comes with it’s own set of “Ways to Know” (that you can Google endlessly) that are slightly different than being empathic, and for me the difference lies in being able to anticipate future events more so than pick up on active emotions that a person is currently feeling. For me, my intuition is slightly more future based, than current moment based, but being intuitive is a spectrum and no two people will experience it in the same way.

Someone can be both of these things, one of these, or none of these. However, based on what I have learned, the most important component is that every person can enhance their abilities to be both. There are some people who are naturally more inclined toward these abilities, but just like learning to play a musical instrument, anyone who wants to put the work in to learn can have the ability to deepen their knowledge. Sure, there are some people with the natural gift, but any person can learn these kinds of things. They are not skills or abilities destined for only some of us.

Overall, being an empath or intuitive is a gift above all else. One that often times does not come easily, even to the people born with more innate ability to access these skills. Any person who has the desire to learn more about their environment and themselves is able to gain access to the benefits these gifts provide, but be warned there are also some risks, just like any gift. If you think you might be empathic or intuitive, test your abilities. There is nothing wrong with learning about the limitations of your gifts and abilities. That would be like telling a bird it’s wrong to learn how to fly with their wings. Just know that, as you develop your gifts, you will be faced with decisions on how you continue to use them, and every decision has consequences. I share my knowledge of these gifts because it is the right thing to do. In today’s age of social media spirituality, I think it’s important that we all take the information with a grain of salt and never trust one person to be the Ultimate Source of Knowledge. So even if there is something I have said that you think is wrong, awesome! Don’t trust it. Ultimately, you know what is right for you when it comes down to it. Just use your best judgment… or maybe give your intuition a try. It will never lead you astray.


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