Doreen Virtue’s Fall From Grace

One-time renowned Angel Therapy Healer and New Age believer, Doreen Virtue, has stumbled into the trap that I believe most New Age beliefs are fundamentally reliant upon. The trap is that New Age is just a new costume for hierarchical power structures to use spirituality in order to control and prevent people from developing a personal relationship with the Divine themselves. So it comes as no surprise that Doreen has renounced all her New Age beliefs as works of Satan himself and turned toward Christianity and Jesus as THE answer. Wow.

I wonder if she’s giving up all the money she earned from her years of involvement with the Devil, or if she’s rationalized money to be something she received in doing God’s work…? Perhaps she’s donating it all to her new church? I think it’s an interesting question to ask as she moves forth denouncing all forms of New Age spiritually, seeing what remains from her life of “sin and darkness.”

She created an A-Z list of everything to leave behind on her website, which I don’t care if I push any amount of traffic to that. I think people need to see what kind of beliefs she’s now pedaling in comparison to what she used to be selling.

I wonder if New Age just got old for her and she realized more money can be had through Christianity than New Age beliefs? I’m not someone who’s going to promote conversion to New Age because I think there is a multitude of downsides that ultimately make it the same as Christianity (for me) but I’m curious why she is creating so much distance from her past self when in actuality not much has changed. She is still making money and maintaining a public appearance peddling her beliefs to the masses as a “master” in her field. Did anyone notice she’s still selling books with the same content matter as before? She’s just picked a bigger audience with deeper pockets.

This is another recent development in the spiritual community, not so coincidentally as I began my blog series focused on fleshing out the truth that lies behind all that I continue to see being pushed by the spiritual thought leaders and overpaid healers of today. Almost like the Universe is helping me out, one story at a time.

There’s a common denominator here in all the unraveling of the community and if you look hard enough, it’s easy to see. These people are building empires based upon the insecurities and fears of the everyday person who is looking for answers. The same thing organized religion has been doing for decades. Telling us that there are certain things in that world that are unequivocally evil and bad and that answers can only be found through their predetermined answers that, more often than not, are connected to a product or service that they want you to purchase from them.

I’m calling bullshit.

God/The Divine doesn’t work like that, even in this 3D reality of duality and free will. It’s just simply not true. But I’m not going to position myself as someone who has all the answers either. I’m learning just like the rest of you, but there are some things I just know. God is love. God is not hate. If there is a Devil (which I personally don’t believe in) then don’t you think the devil would be focused on the opposition of God? So the Devil would exist in everything that helps create a divide from pure love. Which, from where I’m standing, would look an awful lot like denouncing your old ways, writing them off as Satans work, (aka the devil made me do it) and then turning toward this new false God pretending that all along you knew the answers. I just can’t get behind it.

But maybe it’s just that I don’t see what she sees. Maybe it’s that I’ve opened myself to this “Devil” so much that I’ve been blinded to the reality that others see so clearly. Maybe I’m crazy. Whatever it is, I’m just not seeing it. I am a person of strong faith in the unseen, but somehow I just can’t put on the lens that allows me to see pushing hatred and divisiveness as doing God’s work.

But probably the devil made me say that.


2 comments on “Doreen Virtue’s Fall From Grace”
  1. I totally agree. I found it very interesting and wondered if there was some political connection to be announced. I am so cynical – nothing surprises me anymore! Great article!


  2. Gabrielle says:

    I agree re your verbage on DV 100%. There is evil out there, and yes there is Satan, he does roam the earth and evil acts are preformed, but each to their own. God bless.


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