I Think Flat-Earthers are Onto Something

Yes, I’m being completely serious.

A few weeks ago, I watched Behind The Curve on Netflix and a lot of interesting information came to light for me.

After careful examination of their arguments and theories, I realized that the people who believe in Flat Earth Theory aren’t crazy, they are just misunderstood.

They don’t want to trust scientific data which is the frustrating part, for me, as science typically doesn’t have an agenda. Which I know is open for dispute when we look at the companies that fund certain studies, but that’s another story. However, I do think they are warranted to believe that our universe was created in a way that we have not been properly educated about.

I try not to subscribe to too many conspiracy theories as it’s detrimental for my mental health to believe in shadow governments and lizard people ruling the planet, but I do love a good brain buster and thought experiment.

I think Flat Earthers are people who are able to see through the b.s. that we have been fed from the scientific community that we are alone in the universe. (Plus, depending who you ask in the scientific community, that idea has a varying degree of answers anyway.)

Regardless, I think they are tapping into something more aligned with this world being a simulation of sorts, a type of universe that was created with a specific goal who’s knowledge and purpose has not been disseminated to the masses.

However I don’t believe that the hidden/secret information is that the earth is flat or that reptilians are running our world. Although believers of those notions tend to make very compelling cases and do have plenty of information as to why I should believe that. For me, that explanation just doesn’t resonate as truth.

There’s a lot we are not told in the world and I genuinely believe that everything is worth questioning. I am a person of much faith, but I didn’t get there by faith alone. I am a skeptic at heart who trusts a lot of the unseen forces in this world as I have personally witnessed the benefits and outcomes of my trust and belief.

I think if we are talking in a more spiritual or metaphorical sense, the earth could be flat. These people could be more tapped in to the true nature of the universe than the rest of us.

With each conspiracy theory I come across, I believe there to be at least an ounce of truth. Most of the time, that truth is read between the lines and not within the actual theory itself. With Flat Earth notions, I believe that truth is that there is a lot more knowledge of the universe than certain groups of people want us to know about. Whether those people are NASA, the government, billionaires, whatever, I cannot definitely say.

With anything scientific, there is always a level of misunderstanding amongst laypeople. Even as a moderately scientifically literate person, there are many things I struggle to wrap my mind around. A lot of times, when studies are released the general public is not informed of findings, for one reason or another, and we have to wait for people like journalists or documentary filmmakers to bring forth the information in a way they see fit. Which can often include bias.

The challenging part is that I think the basis for the Flat Earth theory came from some truth. I think it came from the skeptic within us all who knows that all knowledge is worth questioning to decide what is actually true. We live in a world where everything is so highly opinionated now that facts are an afterthought, even when arguments are built from them. So while there is plenty of scientific data being utilized by members of Flat Earth Societies, I don’t support the notion that their main ideas are what is actually fully true.

But I do really think they’re onto something.

For me, I think that “something” is more in line with aliens or the universe’s creation or things of that nature than I do that the Earth itself is flat and that all globes and maps and astronaut’s accounts are false. I do think that idea and information suppression is a real thing, and one that is posing a lot of problems in today’s world – but I genuinely don’t think that the information being suppressed is that the Earth is flat.

Overall, the film itself gave some insight into the world of Flat Earthers and like any good documentary made me question what I knew to be true, if even for just a moment. If you haven’t yet seen this film, I think it’s worth checking out. As I’ve said in posts before, I think it’s important that when we disagree with different viewpoints, we try our best to really hear what the believers have to say for themselves before we shut it down and consider it “crazy.” The middle ground can only be found when we remain open and aware of the opinions and perspectives held by those around us.

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