The Transition to a Non-Toxic Lifestyle … Mostly.

Non-Toxic lifestyles seem to be a bit of a trend these days on social media, and it’s one of the few trends that I am actually excited about catching wind and blowing up!

I can’t quite recall what pushed me to move toward a more non-toxic awareness of my consumption habits, but I think it started with having my eyes opened to animal cruelty being involved in the beauty industry. That was a hard pill for me to swallow every time I put on that MAC foundation. That a living animal was injected with chemicals just so I could purchase this powder for my face. But when I first learned about it, I didn’t suddenly know of other options available to me, especially in a decent price range. It took me some time to learn about different brands that specifically did not participate in any animal testing and even more time for me to jump out on the ledge and try them.

I’m a creature of habit and as much as I may enjoy trying new things, for some reason my purchasing habits have always been the hardest to change. But I am finally ready to make those changes, thankfully.

I’ve tried a lot of different lifestyle changes under the non-toxic umbrella, but I’m not perfect. I still have more plastic than I want in my life and it causes a lot of anxiety and concern. (I mean, we have less than 12 years before the climate is irreplaceably fucked so there’s literally a countdown now…)

But I also believe there’s a reason I’m not perfect. I refuse to transition overnight to a non-toxic lifestyle due to joining a MLM company. Not to knock on anyone who finds success through MLM, but for me that’s an avenue I don’t need to explore. My few experiences with MLM have not been super pleasant so I’m chalking it up to the company’s structure and moving on.

That being said, I am determined to used products outside of MLM options specifically focused toward the local economy and overall sustainable practices. And I know there are more than I have shared here, but sometimes it feels like not enough of these companies exist. 

Thankfully, as I have continued my slow trek up the mountain of consumerism changes, more and more companies and businesses have come into my awareness, especially local businesses. (Getting out of the house and attending Farmer’s Markets has also helped in that arena.)

So without further ado, I will be sharing some of these lifestyle updates as I continue to make them. To be transparent, there is still a lot of room for improvement in my personal life but I have a feeling it’s because I am not meant to change my entire life overnight. As always, I applaud people who are able to make those kinds of drastic changes instantly, but I am someone who plans and plots and finds the best options for my life when I am moving out of my comfort zone.

I look forward to introducing the ideas, companies, and products that help me transition and change as I move through them and look forward to the feedback from this little community.

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