CBD: What’s All The Fuss About & Why You Should be Interested

Cannabidiol – more popularly known as CBD – is having a moment. Now a days this cannabis-derived product seems to be found everywhere. In the area where I live, you can have a dose added to your morning latte as easily as you can add an extra shot. It seems to be taking over in not only the cannabis industry, but in every industry. CBD is being included in everything from pet treats, lotions and facials, to beverages and all sorts of consumable products.

Why It’s Having a Moment:

The biggest reason I think that CBD is having such a moment is because it lacks THC, or the psychoactive part of marijuana that gives the user the “high” effect. Removing the THC means no high and no indication of marijuana use showing up on a drug test.

More importantly though, CBD can be taken without having the undesirable psychoactive affect (aka you won’t get high) while being able to enjoy the relaxing, pain relieving benefits that the marijuana plant provides to many users.

According to Healthline, some benefits of using CBD can include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms
  • May Reduce Acne
  • Potential Neuroprotective Properties
  • Benefits Heart Health
  • Anti psychotic effects
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Anti-tumor Effects
  • Diabetes Prevention

The extensiveness of the list above can make CBD seem like a miracle plant and option for many who suffer from the above ailments. And honestly, it is proving itself to be one as this medicine is not only beneficial to humans, but also for your furry friends who may also have the ailments listed above.

Why You Should Be Interested:

Not everyone has to take CBD, but most people would benefit from giving it a try before they pop an aspirin or run to the doctor for some prescription relaxant medications before a flight.

If you have anxiety, PTSD, depression, heart disease, symptoms of MS, chronic pain, cancer and/or cancer treatment related symptoms, diabetes etc it could be a great option for you. CBD is a beneficial plant derived product that could replace your need and dependence on addictive pharmaceuticals, depending on what ailments you are looking to find relief from. It could also make a great addition to your pharmaceutical medicine and could even help you not need as many as before, if you’re not able to remove them completely from your health routine.

I implore anyone interested in the innumerable benefits that CBD possesses to do a little research on your own. Before I took the plunge into the CBD deep end, I read everything I could find for a few months as I wanted to make sure this would be a safe option for my health. There are many scientific studies that have been conducted, with what seems like more coming out every day proving the effectiveness and safety of this wonderful plant. After taking CBD regularly for the past 6 months I can undoubtedly say that I have personally benefited from using nature’s medicine.

Stay tuned for a post about one of my favorite local CBD companies!


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