A Thank You Letter

A thank you letter to all the things that never worked out.

All the boyfriends who told me I was “too much”

All the unrequited love

All the people who took advantage of my naivety and kindness

All the opportunities that I never took advantage of

All the friendships that fizzled out

All the betrayals of trust and confidence

All the times I never got the invitation, when everyone else did

All the times I felt unloved, unseen, and unheard

All the people who told me it was a stupid idea

All the people who made fun of the things that brought me joy

All the clothes I lost or lent out that were never returned

All the broken pencils or pens that ran out of ink

You taught me how to improvise. You taught me how to love myself when it appeared no one else would or could. You taught me to trust myself more. You taught me to keep some things at an arms distance, and to give my whole heart to other things. You taught me to value the things and people I have while I have them.

Without you I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t have learned the hard lessons I’ve learned and understood the truths of this world the way that I do now.

Without you, I wouldn’t have found me.

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