Pregnancy Series

I didn’t want to write a pregnancy series on my blog because it seems a trendy thing to do these days in the over-saturated mom blogging world… but then I remembered no one else has told MY pregnancy story.

And no one else can.

So while I’m following a trend, I’m doing it my way. Which really, is the only way I follow trends anymore.

Up through this point I’ve been a little nervous about being pregnant.

Having my first pregnancy end in a missed miscarriage was really heart breaking. It was something that, unfortunately, hardened my heart a little. It made me a little more nervous to celebrate each milestone because the reality that it could all be ripped from my arms at a moments notice is too real for me. I know the pain of pregnancy loss.

I also don’t like oversharing certain personal details on the internet. I know, hard to believe considering the content on this blog.

I don’t want to overshare my child once they’re here. I won’t be planning to share tons of photos of them, especially when they are first born. I don’t believe in using your children to garner more views and opportunities to become an “influencer.” It feels exploitative, to me. Plus, the children aren’t consenting and aren’t able to fully understand what that consent would mean anyway. I think it will be hard because as an excited new mom, I’ll be taking all sorts of pictures of the little one and wanting to share those pictures. And I probably will share some. But not all, and only what I’m comfortable sharing with the strangers of the internet.

So without further ado, I introduce my pregnancy series on my blog. Which, if I’m being honest, will more than likely turn into a motherhood series over the passing months.

Covering the last trimester-ish of my pregnancy will be interesting but I’m thinking that’s where all the interesting content will come from any way because for the most part I’ve been blessed with a very easy first pregnancy. Cheers to the last few months of growing this little human!


2 comments on “Pregnancy Series”
  1. alexxis392 says:

    I am so excited for this new content on your blog. It will be so much fun watching it grow into a motherhood series, especially with you as the momma! I have a feeling you will not regret documenting these days when you read them 5 years from now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’m nervous to share all these types of things, but that’s exactly why I want to document it all! Time goes too quickly and blogging is way easier than scrap books for me 😂😂


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