Baby Cole – Week 28

Week 28: The beginning of the Third Trimester! The clock is now ticking louder than ever and the real countdown has begun. Our little one will be here before we know it!

Appointments: I had this month’s follow up on my 28th Birthday! Everything looked great, I’ve gained a few more pounds but am still in the range for “healthy pregnancy weight gain” (whatever that means anyway) and got some insight on the glorious amount of heartburn I’ve been having the past few weeks.

I need to get the glucose test done in the next week or so and my appointments will be getting closer together. I’m nervous about the glucose test because I have this fear that 1. I’m diabetic and 2. It will be so significant that I need to have injections for the rest of my pregnancy. I honestly don’t even know if that’s a thing, but my overthinking fearful mind has assured me that it is and it’s definitely happening to me. So keep your fingers crossed for me!

My best friend is also pregnant with a due date about two weeks after mine! The coolest part is that our own birthdays are one week apart exactly! Funny how some cycles repeat themselves.

Baby Growth: Baby is the size of an eggplant and can now open and close their eyes. They are taking up more space in the womb, which is noticeable both visually and physically for me. I can feel the baby so much more now than I could before. We’re starting to get to the point where we can see quick hands, feet, arms, and legs pushing out when I’m laying down watching tv at night, but nothing too crazy just yet.

I continue to have vivid dreams, but that was something I experienced prior to pregnancy anyway. Now they are just super strange and seem to have very limited story line. I did recently have a dream that I was telling myself “you did it! You had the baby without an epidural and you did amazing!” And I saw the sweet little cherub all swaddled up with rosy cheeks and a pink beanie. We’ll see if that means anything in a few months 😉

Clothes: Maternity clothes are awesome but also awful. Awesome because something fits me. Awful because they’re all expensive and seemingly the same style, which is not my personal style. I have a lot of thoughts here, because I feel like maternity fashion is so limited in comparison to the over abundance that exists in regular sized fashion. The clothes are not that flattering. I don’t understand why though, because women are the main demographic of fashion sales and we’ve been getting pregnant since literally the beginning of time. Why are there such limited clothing options for how to truly flatter our pregnant bodies. Everything is either very matronly and gross or just not a style at all. Which makes it nice for rewearing clothes in the future, should I get pregnant again, because it will all be ugly still anyway.

Thoughts / Observations: random strangers are now asking about being pregnant, which I am comfortable with. But it also lets me know that my body is definitely sending the message “hey, I’m cooking a human over here” which I don’t think it was sending as clearly and loudly in the first half of my pregnancy. I mean, to me it was obvious. But I was definitely in the stage of “it’s probably better not to ask if she’s pregnant, she might just be chubby.”

The littlest sister is beyond excited for the baby to come. She’s told me that actually “The baby is my sister, I’m just only kind of their aunt but we are going to raise it like it’s my little sister, okay?” She’s very confident the baby is a girl. Every time I see her she grabs my belly before she even acknowledges me and says “Hi baby!!” So I’m pretty sure I’ve been fully replaced as her BFF.

Other: I have done very little to prepare our external lives for the baby. I’ve bought a bunch of clothes (which was way easier than you think, since we don’t know the sex of our baby) but the nursery/bedroom is no where near ready. Also, I think it’s weird when people call a baby’s room a nursery. It makes me think of like old timey rich people who wear monocles and had wet nurses for their offspring, and we aren’t those people. Our baby’s room is the spare bedroom closest to us. I already know they won’t be using for the first few months of their existence here. Which obviously doesn’t help my procrastinating spirit. Like why rush to complete something that’s not going to be used. I’m not a huge fan of home decor and obsessing over those types of details anyway, so I’m not going to suddenly start. But I’ve heard about this mysterious nesting stage, so maybe that’s when the switch will flip and I’ll suddenly become interested in organizing a room for a person who has zero known preferences and doesn’t even live here yet. Maybe?

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