Baby Cole – Week 30

10 weeks left of cooking this baby, if I’m lucky.

I was walking out of work and a gentleman stopped, pointed at my belly and said, “I know what you did!” Out of all the awkward comments people make, that’s my personal favorite.

We drove to Montana in Week 30. Would not recommend for anyone in their third trimester to drive that long. Even with my compression socks, neck pillow, and yoga pants that actually fit, it was a physically painful drive. However, I’m taking every new physical discomfort and trying to tell myself that not only can I breathe through it, but that it’s perfect practice for the unmediated labor I am hoping to have. That every physical discomfort I can survive is just another stepping stone toward my goal.

We also took a hike in Montana and while it was beautiful, was again very physically uncomfortable for me this far along in my pregnancy. I know in Hawaii I did a much more challenging hike while pregnant. But I was 18 weeks pregnant then with just a little pooch of a belly. Now I’ve got about 30 extra pounds to my body, mostly all located at the front which has proven to be much harder to climb to a lookout point. Especially since I’m not a daily avid hiker in the first place. I’ve been active this pregnancy but not that active. Lesson learned: don’t trust other people to remember your physical condition when they pick hikes.

Montana Hike at 30 weeks
Hawaii Hike at 18 weeks

The wedding in Montana was beautiful. I got to see my husband’s family cabin that I’ve heard so much about over the last 8 years. He walked me along the property and told me stories about riding 4 wheelers, roasting marshmallows, spending all day outside as a kid, etc. which was so fun to hear.

Baby is as big as a cabbage, which seems smaller in my mind than the butternut squash of last week… but I guess I’m not as accustomed to vegetable sizes as I thought…?

Baby’s kicks are SO much harder now and are becoming more visible from the outside. We still haven’t gotten to see a full on foot sticking out like an alien, but I am holding out hope it won’t be much longer.

Since the drive to Montana I have been very swollen and sore. Hoping that those ailments resolve themselves a bit and don’t become permanent fixtures in my physical form for the remainder of the pregnancy.

We had two small children independently tell us that the baby is a girl. So now public opinion seems to be leaning a bit towards girl. However, a lot of adult family members think it’s a boy. I love that we didn’t find out our baby’s sex and get to hear all the guesses of our friends and family. It’s really made this whole process that much more fun to fully experience.

We will be setting up the baby’s crib in the next few weeks and getting come wall paper/decals up too… seems like things will be falling into place in no time!


  1. Wow, I’m so impressed you were able to do a hike! My husband was so paranoid that he did everything in his power to make sure I didn’t walk more than a block for anything. But the female body is incredible and, when there’s the opportunity, why not take it? Kids have a way of making simple things head scratchingly complex.

    I started seeing my kids’ feet poke out around 31-32 weeks, so it shouldn’t be long now!

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    1. Wee I’m so excited to see some little feet popping out! It feels like they should be at this point, kicks are so much stronger now! 😍

      I was not thrilled about the hike and hubby definitely helped me through it the whole time, also none too thrilled at the level of difficulty that was not disclosed to us when we agreed to go for a “walk.” 😂 But what can you do right!

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      1. I love your attitude about your “walk!” Many pregnant women are not as understanding. At least it’ll be a good story to tell your child!


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