Baby Cole – Week 31

Week 31:

Can’t wear my wedding ring anymore and I’m in a state of mourning basically until I am able to get that ring back on my finger. Well, it’s able to go on my finger… but getting it off is a different story.

Austyn did an amazing job at getting me the ring I dreamt about before I ever met him. (Because yeah, I guess I am that superficial person who dreamt about my ideal engagement ring prior to meeting my husband) and it pains me that I can’t wear it every moment of every day. I love my rings – the symbol they represent and the memories they hold. These cute little silicone ones just don’t cut it for me. So I’m praying that my fingers return to their original ring size so I can get back to my happy place again soon.

I don’t feel as sentimental about the bittersweet reality of our Party of 2 coming to an end. I can’t decide if it’s because we’ve never really been just a party of 2, or something else. (To explain- our dog has always been our first child and we consider him as much as any human when we make plans and do things. The only difference is he was potty trained by 12 weeks and can be left home alone…) but I just don’t have that feeling yet. I might, soon. But I also think waiting to get pregnant until we had traveled a little and spent a few years alone together was what did the trick. We feel “ready”… or as ready as you can be for something like this.

Baby is as big as a coconut, according to the internet. Again, I have no clue what any of this means. I shop for produce weekly and in the beginning I feel like the sizes were like “wow, that’s a noticeable difference!” But now, it’s like they’re all the same size things until it gets to a watermelon or pumpkin or something.

I’m still swollen since the Montana trip and not very pleased about it. I can’t decide if that hike pushed me over the edge or if I was destined to become this inflamed at this point in pregnancy regardless of my choices. Guess I’ll never know.

I finally got some maternity clothes that are cute! They must have been hiding all the good stuff in their fall collections because there’s a lot more variety and styles I like out now than there was for summer clothing options!

I had to get a maternity support belt this week. Can’t decide if that’s embarrassing, but my back and stomach were getting too uncomfortable for me to care much longer anyway. Since getting it my back and lower stomach have felt so much better than before. My posture has improved and I don’t even care how ridiculous I look, I wish I would have gotten it a little sooner than I did.

Also, pro tip: Birkenstocks are the best shoe choice during pregnancy. They allow you space to grow and expand without making you buy a new size of shoe! Everyone deserves that level of acceptance during pregnancy. Birkenstock has my heart even more than they already did. If you ever find yourself pregnant, do yourself a favor and just get a pair. Also another award winning option: Converse. They might take a little longer to get onto said swollen feet, but they will not disappoint once they’re on.

I also had a few soccer games to attend this week.

Jerseys first soccer game + the Timbers who, as soon as we left a few minutes early, scored two goals and won the game. Still trying to pin down if my attendance at the games is good luck or not… and this makes it hard to tell…

It was wonderful to spend time with my sister. I’ve been getting a little more stressed out now that pregnancy is coming to an end and being able to spend time with her just laughing and talking and watching soccer was everything my heart needed. Also, watching her try to protect me while walking downtown Portland was hilarious. I’m used to my husband giving me space until I request his help, for the most part, so having someone try to guide me in walking on the sidewalks in my native city made me giggle a little.

Oh, and I had the realization that I have to give birth. Which is scaring me. I mean, I knew I would have to give birth. I’ve known it was a thing women do for as long as I can remember. But it was always an abstract idea, something other people went through and not me. I was lying in bed the other night and the fear set in of, “Oh shit, I have to get this baby out of me one way or another…” and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Thankfully, I will be getting started with my Hypnobirthing class soon and I feel confident that a lot of my fears and concerns will be soothed with the education and insight I receive from the course’s instruction.


One comment on “Baby Cole – Week 31”
  1. Cookie M. Quirk says:

    You are such a beautiful pregnant lady. No fear you can handle this delivery, I have faith in you.

    Liked by 1 person

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