Baby Cole – Week 32

I swear the weeks are getting longer now… some of them go fast, but I’m being reminded of what it was like in the first trimester when it seemed like time stood still just waiting for each milestone to finally pass so I could feel “safe” and accomplished in this pregnancy.

This past week I did a whole lot of nothing and I think it was exactly what I needed.

I watched a documentary called “The Business of Being Born” after a friend recommended it and feel MUCH more validated in my choice to focus on the natural birthing approach than opting for medical intervention off the bat. However, like I’ve said before if I need it, I need it and I won’t be afraid to ask for it.

I start hypno birthing classes next week and am so excited to see what I can learn! I’m choosing to do hypnobirthing over other methods of birthing classes as this setup and course material sounds most like what I am comfortable with. The Bradley method was my second choice, but with a heavy focus on having a birth coach and person to specifically rely on, it just didn’t feel like the right approach for me at this time. I am very interested and focused on being able to call forth the wild woman within who is capable and able to birth this baby, coach or not. Perhaps if I am to get pregnant in the future another method would suit me better, but I have a deep gut feeling that this baby would like to be born with hypnobirthing tenants.

I didn’t take as many pictures this week, but I guess that’s life right! I’m such a Live In The Moment person lately that remembering to take photos always escapes me until after that fact. Something I’m really okay with, but for documenting purposes I do wish I was a little better at.

The stress of pregnancy has made its arrival. Mostly in the form of caring about others in this process, specifically the roles and expectations that other family members are now having.

Oh, and feeling fat.

However, when I look at my body now I have such a deeper appreciation for it than I ever have before. I don’t think I ever really recognized all that my body does for me until getting pregnant. So even though I’m swollen, puffy, and weigh more than I EVER thought possible for this little frame I was given, I am so in love with my body lately. I love every stretch mark that has popped up, every new chubby part, every dimple, and every fold. I’ve expanded in a way I truly never could have imagined and I’m just in awe of not only my own body but the bodies of all women, even if they haven’t birthed another human. Our bodies are so sacred and beautiful. I feel honored that this insight found its way to me in pregnancy, when I truly needed it and benefitted from it the most.


One comment on “Baby Cole – Week 32”
  1. Cookie M. Quirk says:

    Glad you appreciate your body. Some people never accept their bodies let alone the bodies of other women. Hugs


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