Baby Cole – Week 33

This week was a fun one as we had our follow up ultrasound to check on my low lying placenta that was noted at our 20 week anatomy scan. The baby was SO MUCH BIGGER and so much more baby like in this ultrasound!

My step-mom came with me and we got to see the baby yawn, suckle, swallow, and wiggle around. It was truly amazing to be able to see so much detail in this ultrasound that just wasn’t there before.

Also, got taken off of pelvic rest! Probably TMI, but this entire blog series is about the baby I’ve been growing in my body as a result of unprotected sex with my husband, so really isn’t all of this TMI…?

Oh, and the baby is head down (thank goodness) and has HAIR! The last ultrasound picture might be hard to make out, but now my daily heartburn feels much more magical knowing that my little one is growing some cute little fluffs in there!

I kind of don’t like the way my doctor said “try” for vaginal delivery… because that’s 100% my plan. I do accept that if medical intervention is required, I will allow it. However I am also a firm believer in the way we talk about things having an impact on our ability to accomplish them. Obviously it’s not my doctor’s responsibility to be aware of what words to use around me… it’s mine. But I’m planning on a vaginal delivery. I’ll just tell my inner snowflake to shut up.

I also got some work done on the baby’s room! I mean, nothing monumental but I got a lot of the random paperwork and office supplies out of the spare bedroom and now just need some assistance moving the bigger furniture to other rooms in the house.

We started our HypnoBirthing classes this week too, and I’m obsessed and thrilled that I made the choice to pursue this type of birthing class. I will have to update more as we get into the deeper aspects, but suffice it to say I’m beyond excited to hypnotize myself through birth!

Austyn related info: He’s psyched to be a dad and has become much more involved these last few weeks. I know he was excited from the moment he found out but I think, like for many first time dads, being able to be fully present for something you’re not physically experiencing is a challenge. It’s definitely becoming a lot more real for him now that I legitimately need more of his help physically (I’m independent and now require his help to get up from the couch or put my shoes on/take my pants off) and now that he can actually see and feel more of the baby in there!

Speaking of – my belly has become so much more ROUND! I’m sure it’s popped outward more as well, but I’m here to tell you I notice the rotundness of my body more than anything. The upper part of my belly has really popped itself on out there these past 2 weeks. I mean, my doctor did warn me by saying “once you think you can’t grow anymore, you can and you will!”


3 comments on “Baby Cole – Week 33”
  1. Cookie M. Quirk says:

    So happy you are using many items that have been in the family for up to 55 years. I see Fireball in the background of the baby’s room.I remember you riding that horse like crazy. You are the most beautiful, round, pregnant Mommy to be in the family today. I know I’m skipping around like crazy but I can’t help myself as I’m excited. As the count down shortens this GiGi can hardly wait to meet the newest member of the wonderful Cole family you were lucky enough to marry into —–.

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  2. congrats to you! wishing you all the best!

    p.s. I had a c-section and while I was devastated at the time – I wasn’t even allowed to go into labour due to serious complications – I look at my now 20-year-old son and none of that stuff matters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I know regardless of the way we meet our baby, we will be happy with the end result 😉

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