Baby Cole – Week 34

Got some things from my favorite person ever, Gemma, this week! I’m telling you guys, The Universe knew exactly what it was doing when it connected us in life. She has been such a saving grace during this time of my life, words cannot even express how grateful I am to have her by my side.

Baby shower planning has commenced. I’m glad to be relatively uninvolved in the planning process, to be honest. There’s so many other things I have to plan for at this time, being able to just show up and enjoy myself is going to be SO refreshing.

Making a registry is weird and also I have no idea what to put on it. I hate asking people for things, especially anything over a certain price range and a lot of baby things are over the range that I don’t feel too bad about. The other reason it’s weird is because, like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t even know what the kid likes. Maybe I’m being too considerate of the fact that they are their own person with their own interests and preferences, but it just feels weird to be making personal style choices for a person I don’t even know yet.

It was also Austyn’s 31st birthday during this week of pregnancy and we realized we are the same age his parents were when they had him. I’ve said this before – but I always find it so interesting the types of cycles that repeat themselves in our lives.

My doctor was right. I thought, for whatever reason, that I was done growing. And I was definitely wrong! Maybe I was emotionally done growing but physically I was clearly not. So a few more stretch marks have found their way to my skin and, strangely, I kind of love them. I used to be so afraid of getting stretch marks and “ruining” my skin but nothing shifts your mindset like pregnancy. I feel blessed to carry a child and even more blessed to have a little physical evidence that I grew and changed and expanded in the ways that I have.

Lastly, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the type of mother and parent I hope to be in comparison to those around me. I know there are discrepancies when it comes down to the theory of parenting versus what you actually put into practice, but I hope I’m able to find the middle ground between maintaining some values from the past parenting generations while also being able to incorporate all that I know about children’s psychological development and the crucial role a mother has on the people her children become.

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  1. I met Gemma and she is a keeper. She sat with me for awhile at your shower while holding both of her boys, on her lap. I was impressed. She gives wonderful hugs. She is thoughtful and kind. Wow what a treasure.
    You are growing and I love all three of you like crazy. Austyn will be a most wonderful Father. His parents love you both and will love their Grand baby like crazy. You are lucky and very blessed.
    Auntie Brooklyn can hardly wait for the arrival of her first niece or nephew.
    Your Father and Mama Dawn are waiting most impatiently for your baby. They beam when they talk about him or her. I love how thoughtful they both are when talking about their newest Grand baby.
    The only one left is Poppy Boy who is over the moon, to say the least..
    You and Austyn will love this baby like you love each other and that is unconditionally.
    XOXOXOXO, soon to be GiGi.

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