I Hate the Current Trends of Home Decor

Where is the personality and individuality of your home and living space when all the things you own look exactly like everyone else’s on Pinterest and instagram??

Where’s the little parts of you that you’ve woven into your home, that are unique and one of a kind?

How would we even know it’s YOUR home and not someone else’s? Besides the perfectly painted rustic wooden sign of your family name prominently displayed in the entryway or kitchen. (LOL because I have one of these!)

I want more unique homes and witch’s cottages! Where are they?!?

Clearly they’re just not trendy enough to share on social media or garner tv shows that have millions of people buying things in Target under a brand name that rakes in tons of money to strip away our individuality and personal creativity.

Everyone’s hobby now is “home decor” and I’m just waiting for a pyramid scheme to come out where we start selling home decor items to each other talking about how it changed our lives, but probably no one has found a way to make that happen yet. *Alexa, add “home decor pyramid scheme” to my Get Rich Quick ideas list*


  1. In the 1970’s they had Home Interior Parties. Everyones home interior looked almost identical. I had two friends that sold Home Interior, I baby sat for both women when they had parties.
    Great discounts, therefore every room in my house looked like a display for the company even the three bathrooms. Eventually I gave it all away. Today I have two bathrooms with mirrors that are part of our past, great memories. A wonderful wall clock and a large painting both again are part of our past. All other walls are empty and I love it that way …. Love your home and do what makes you happy.

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  2. I see them and keep thinking they just suck the soul out of a home and turn it into a house. This trend makes me think of cookie cutter houses, which I could never live in because I would probably go to a different house every day thinking it was mine. Apparently, we’re not supposed to be unique human beings. I appreciate how pretty it can look and I love the clean lines, but it feels sterilized.

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    1. YES! Sterilized is the perfect word for it! To me, it just doesn’t feel lived in. When we were looking to buy our house I wanted as old of a house as possible because I felt like the older they were, the more unique and personal they were. Now you can tell houses are made with Pinterest in mind. No thank you from this family!!

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  3. I used to work for a high-end interiors company and people would come in with photos of their friends’ cushions or artwork and want the exact thing. All very expensive. I don’t get it at all! Great post. re: hypnobirthing from your other post, I listened to a wonderful podcast with Russell Brand interviewing Katherine Graves from hypnobirthing. it’s a great listen https://www.kghypnobirthing.com/press/russell-brand-podcast-interview-with-katharine-graves.html

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      1. I wish i knew about it but then I had to have an elective c-section due to complications 😔 I was so desperate to have a natural birth but oh well. He’s a perfectly healthy young man who doesn’t seem to suffer from anything except a little excess spoiling 😂


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