Baby Cole – Week 35

Had another appointment, now they are getting closer together!

Hypnobirthing has picked up and I’m in love. It’s been such an empowering and calming experience to be lead through meditations, visualization, and hypnosis by a woman who had her own natural birth and has successfully guided so many other women through the process. The nice thing about hypnobirthing is that regardless of the method for birthing that you choose, it’s tenants are useful. So even if I end up needing the full medical model birth experience of a c-section, my hypnobirthing techniques will still be by my side to help keep me calm and centered through it all. Which is another reason I’m glad I chose hypnobirthing – it’s flexible and adaptable to suit all my birthing needs. Austyn also enjoys the classes too! Unbeknownst to me, he’s actually a pro at meditating and guiding me through hypnosis and has gone through our sessions really easily. I’m telling you guys, having a laid back and open minded husband has been the best gift during pregnancy. I mean it’s honestly always the best gift, but it’s really come in handy during all the changes and fluctuations that have happened the past nearly 9 months.

Started planning a hospital bag. Everyone has so many useful suggestions for what to pack, but I still feel confused as to what will be helpful for me. Obviously things related to keeping my lady parts comfortable post-baby-arrival are going to be useful, and pajamas and clothes for the baby… and probably some things for Austyn but I feel like I can’t even think about that right now so I’m really glad I have a husband who is capable of packing for himself.

I’ve begun planning for maternity leave. Projects, training my replacement. Etc. Its weird to me to have already set a date for when I’m planning to leave my job for an extended period of time. Especially since it’s a week before my due date and, really, I have no idea when the baby will decide to come. So I’m really really hoping I didn’t plan to take too much time off before their arrival because I don’t want it wasted on too much time without baby!

Baby is so strong and big it’s definitely uncomfortable but I’m trying to love every moment of the discomfort. The only time it’s “unbearable” is when I’m trying to sleep. And unbearable seems like a pretty dramatic word at that.

Speaking of sleep, it’s gotten a little choppier and broken between needing to pee and general discomfort. My heartburn has improved this week, which makes getting to sleep a lot easier. I’m trying to accept that this is just my “breaking in” process for what’s to come. Thankfully, due to college and my procrastination habits, I’m actually used to all nighters and living in a state of sleep deprivation. It’s obviously not my preferred way to live, but I know I will survive it and have a few tricks up my sleep for how to manage it. I’ve been waking up between 2-4 in the morning and can’t fall back asleep for a few hours so I have a feeling baby will be in a similar schedule even though I can tell that they aren’t “up” until closer to 7 am.

That’s the other cool thing I’ve started to be able to notice – since we got SUCH a mover, I’ve been able to notice patterns in their sleep/wake schedule. And, you guys, I’m really hoping it translates into what they’ll be like outside my body because it’s definitely one I can get behind. Even my doctor pointed out that the baby seems to be active during the daytime when we listen to their heartbeat and that it’s potentially an indicator for a baby who will wear themselves out during the daytime instead of the night time. Oh, how I hope she’s right!

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