Baby Cole – Week 37

Final countdown!

I made the mistake of forgetting to write a post for this week and now I have to use pictures to remind me but thank goodness I have so many pictures from this week to choose from!

My angel straight from heaven, Gemma, had a birthday this week! We celebrated by taking her to her favorite vegan brunch place (might be her favorite vegan restaurant, but the verdict is still not out on that one) and it was so fun! The food was divine, the company was wonderful, and celebrating such a wonderful person made it even more special.

It was also wedding weekend for our cousins, Brock and Emily, which was truly so magical and beautiful. Fall and winter weddings are always so gorgeous to me and their weekend was nothing less than perfect. It was such a beautiful event and I’m so excited for their future together. And that Emily is finally “officially” family because like I told Brock a few years ago, “if you don’t marry her, I will!” She’s truly been the missing piece for our family.

We’ve been slowly getting all our supplies and outfits ready for the beeb, since it could be any day now that they arrive. I still think it will be closer to the full moon but we will see.

It’s harder for me to get around these days, but I’m still managing! This is the point of pregnancy I heard the most about and I feel really really lucky that it took me this long to experience any truly negative side effects. And it’s really not that “negative”, it’s just the result of my body carrying a pregnancy to full term! So I’m truly counting my blessings with this one.

I’ve also been really working on my patience through this entire process. From trying to conceive for a year and a half, to not finding out our baby’s sex, I really think that this journey toward parenthood has been preparing the patience portion of my personality to develop and for that I am forever thankful. I’m a very impulsive, short fused, impatient person by nature so going through this entire process has really brought out parts of myself that I truly didn’t know existed.

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