Baby Cole – Week 38

This week was my second to last week of work and boy, the other women I work with were right…. I should have considered taking a little more time off than leaving at 39 weeks pregnant! But determined ol’ Jordan decided that I wanted to work as long as humanly possible so here we are!

This week included celebrating Jersey’s 8th birthday! It feels like just yesterday she was so tiny and learning to talk and walk and now she’s developed into this whole person who has opinions and preferences of her own. It’s crazy to me. Getting to be a big sister again in my 20’s has been the strangest but most interesting and fun gift of all.

This week also included celebrating my long time best friend, Ashley’s, baby shower. We’ve known since the beginning of our pregnancies that we were about 2 weeks apart with due dates and it’s been the coolest thing to have someone you love go through pregnancy with you. The craziest part is that years ago in middle school, we somehow predicted this would happen. We always said we would grow up, get husbands, and have babies together and we are doing exactly that.

Halloween was fun, but very different than my typical Halloween routine. Since we became homeowners 3 year ago, we tend to go all out with carving/decorating pumpkins, decorating the porch, and buying lots of candy for the minimal amounts of kiddos that appear in our neighborhood. (We live right next to a school so I always figured we would get more kids but most of the time we just get a light sprinkling of kids.) Well this year we turned off the porch lights, didn’t carve a single pumpkin, and I passed out on the couch watching shows with Austyn. It was exactly what this pregnant lady needed.

We took some maternity photos with a good friend from high school which I can’t wait to share! We went to one of my personal favorite parks in Portland and the photos are absolutely perfect in every way. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for updates on how they turned out!

Everything is very uncomfortable now. I’m hard pressed to think of a time I’m actually comfortable besides the moment right before I fall asleep.

Sleep has improved, I had a few weeks where it was hard to come by but it’s gotten better. Still getting up to pee approx. 3 times a night which isn’t awful, besides the part where I have to get up.

One more week of work, let’s see how this goes!

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