Baby Cole – Week 39

Last week of work before the due date!

Coworkers threw me a surprise shower and I’m just too blessed. The only picture I got was of the cake. 😭 I mentioned one time that our baby was a Rainbow Baby and my sweet coworkers went ALL OUT and did the dang thing right! Decorations, rainbow fruit shish kabobs, candies, tye dyes onesies, the works! I was so divinely guided to this job and chapter of my life, it’s unreal.

Also had a nail appt at a super cool place in Portland called FingerBang and got some amazing birth nails. They’re very vaginal and I’m obsessed. I might always want vaginas from now on, the artist did such an amazing job. If you ever find yourself in Portland wanting nail art, definitely drop by FingerBang or schedule an appointment because this place is absolutely amazing.

Sleeping sucks, sitting sucks, laying sucks, walking sucks. I made it this far into pregnancy before I found things to really hate. Everything before now has been a minor discomfort in comparison. I wonder if all pregnant mothers feel this way. Specifically like animals like cats and dogs. Or do they just know and accommodate accordingly? If so, I wish I was a dog.

The due date is fast approaching and I’ve had relatively low symptoms of labor approaching. A few Braxton Hicks here and there, I’m dilated 1 cm and 60% effaced so that’s at least a good sign! I think this babe will arrive exactly when they want to, which would be nice to get like a little memo about when that could be, but I guess I’ll get over that one real quick.

My doctor also had me sign an induction waiver, which I was really uncomfortable with, and asked for me to email her a date that I want to be induced. I still haven’t emailed her a date… it’s hard to choose when I have such mixed feeling about being induced in the first place. I thought the soonest I would want to want to be induced was one week after the due date but the more that I think about it, one week seems really soon. I just want to trust my body enough to know that it will get this baby out exactly when it’s meant to! But we’ll see how long I can hold out for… because things are quite uncomfortable around here.

Onto the last week, here we go!


One comment on “Baby Cole – Week 39”
  1. Amy Bishop says:

    “If so, I wish I was a dog.”



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