The Creative Inner Child

Christine Betts, always inspiring me to do some of my best thinking and reflecting, shared a photo of herself being creative at age 10 as a source of inspiration.

Try telling a picture of your younger self that they can’t do something. That they are incapable and unable to accomplish something, especially something creative.

Odds are, you can’t.

And even if you could, the creative child (which is all children) probably wouldn’t listen anyway. As many adults know, the minute you tell a child no or that they can’t/shouldn’t do something is the minute they decide they want to at least try it and see if you’re right.

So here’s a few pictures that I’m going to use to inspire myself. To remind myself of the spunky, creative, messy little girl still very much alive and well just waiting to take over and shake things up again. The girl who wants to laugh, paint, draw, write, and make everyone around her come alive. Ancient legend says she was pretty stinkin good at it.

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