siggi’s icelandic skyr – that’s what’s up

So, anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with all things Iceland. To put it simply, my heart and soul belongs to Iceland. I don't care if my obsession is borderline unhealthy because, no it's not. No one can convince me otherwise. That being said, my adoration of anything connected to Iceland … Continue reading siggi’s icelandic skyr – that’s what’s up


philosophy purity peel – that’s what’s up

First on this list is the exfoliating purity peel from philosophy. This brand has been a long time family favorite as it has not only helped my glorious grandmother age gracefully, but has also helped my sister during her struggle with acne. To my knowledge, none of us have ever had adverse reactions to their … Continue reading philosophy purity peel – that’s what’s up

new series – that’s what’s up

I've been pondering creating a series called "That's What's Up" which encompasses a wide variety of things that I encounter in my day to day existence that make me stop and go "Damn, that's what's up!" Ideas such as recyclables, biodegradability, sustainability, moving away from animal testing and byproducts, and just bettering the planet and … Continue reading new series – that’s what’s up