Pacific Daze CBD – That’s What’s Up

I recently wrote an article about why I think CBD is having a moment and shared that I have also personally benefited from using it regularly.

In today’s post, I would like to share one of my favorite CBD companies and what makes them so unique.

Pacific Daze is a Portland based woman run business, which basically hits every check mark on my list of “Is this company worth giving my money to?” (I am local to the Portland area so supporting small business is important to me, even more so when it’s a local small business.)

In my post about CBD I talked about some of the health benefits that are available by using this product, but the people over at Pacific Daze have made it even easier to answer many of the most popular questions that people ask when they are first considering entering the world of CBD.

This link will take you directly to their FAQ page where you will find a wealth of information. and this link will take you to their blog page that is also chock-full of helpful information regarding CBD, how to take it, finding the right dose, and how it works in our body’s system.

The reason I wanted to share Pacific Daze with my readers is because not only are they a company that I believe in, but their product is also head and shoulders above the rest. Which explains why they are so easy to find in all sorts of places across Portland. Their products really are the best.

I have tried other CBD’s from other companies and have not had the same benefits and wellness effect that I have found with Pacific Daze.

On a personal note, I take CBD to help manage the symptoms of my diagnosed anxiety disorder, depression, and my beloved adhd. Taking CBD has unlocked access to a state of calm, peace, and overall bliss that I personally have not found through the prescription drugs provided to me by my doctors. However, I did try the prescriptions. For many years I took everything the doctors prescribed and did everything I could to get a wellness routine in order that would provide me some relief from my symptoms. Until finding CBD though, nothing worked. Nothing came remotely close to providing me the clarity, calm, and focus that I needed to be able to make it through the day and implement all the other healthy choices and changes that are ultimately needed in order to live in a state of wellness rather than illness.

Honestly though, I don’t think you need to have a diagnosed anxiety disorder to benefit from taking CBD. CBD provides a calm, relaxing effect that doesn’t make you feel loopy or drugged. It has allowed my husband and I to kick back on the couch together after a stressful day at work and be able to breathe easy as we enjoy the things in life that truly matter to us – time well spent not stressing or worrying about anything but the present moment. This is another reason we have even begun to prefer it to having a beer on the weekends. With CBD you get all the same relaxing goodness with none of the side effects that come along with drinking alcohol.

Pacific Daze’s CBD drops, placed beneath my tongue, are my personal favorite way to take CBD for the symptoms that I experience. The drops can also be added to a beverage (one of my other favorite ways to take it) or even used on the skin for various needs. Additionally, they also offer capsules that would be beneficial for someone who experiences chronic pain, inflammation, or digestive issues and is looking to use CBD on a longer term basis. If you are apprehensive about buying an entire bottle at first (which I was) Pacific Daze offers a great sample option for $10 on their site. This was my first purchase with the company and gave me the confidence I needed to continue purchasing from this company as I was able to use their product and really find out if it worked for me before investing in a larger bottle.

Overall, the need for CBD exists no matter which way you look at it. We live in a world where things are fast paced and stressful. No matter who you are, we all want to find a way to just relax and enjoy our lives. CBD is having more than a moment right now because it offers a doorway to people. It is the first step in the direction of living a more intentional, natural, and blissful life. Whether you’re using it to help you manage symptoms of an ailment or even using it for personal wellness, Pacific Daze’s CBD has proven to be one of the most effective and beneficial products I have added to my family’s wellness routine.

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